Why not show the video in the "Youtube", and how to solve it?

famous video hosting is the most visited site in the world, but from time to time with his work can be problems, and they are called, are generally not properly site and problems with a PC.So let's see, why not show a video in "Youtube".

Do not forget about player

most common cause of these problems could be lack of the necessary plug-in, with which the Internet played video and audio files.In this case, the personal computer must install Flash Player.To this end, go to the developer's site, which is at Adobe.

Select the version of your operating system and click "Upload."Once downloaded, install the application, pre-closing window of active browsers.

Why not show the video in the "Youtube": maybe it in the browser?

Another reason these difficulties can be called incorrect settings of your browser.If you are using Internet Explorer, follow these steps.Go to the menu "Tools", refer to "Internet Options", go to the tab "Advanced", and then - to the "Multimedia".Now activate the display of images, sounds and animation playback, automatic image adjustment.

Why "YouTube" video does not show in the browser "Opera»

If you are using a browser «Opera», open the "Settings", go to "General Settings", then open the tab "Advanced".Select "Content" and then tick all the boxes, "Enable plug-ins", "Enable JavaScript», «Enable Sound" "Enable animations".

After restarting the browser it should get better, but if you still can not upload videos to "Youtube", we recommend to clear the cache.It is advisable to do it systematically and, moreover, to put its size at least 150 MB.

Fox also needs care

sometimes long time to load videos on "YouTube" and using "Mozilla".Try resort to the above-mentioned cleaning.For this purpose, open the "Settings", go to the "Advanced" section there look for the "Network".Set the size of the cache, and click "Clear Now."If after all this procedure the question "Why does not show the video to" Youtube "?" Remained unresolved, you must completely reinstall the browser.

Other reasons and nuances

also reasons that may interfere with video sharing, should include a virus infecting your computer, and possible failure of the operating system.In some cases, it may help simply rebooting a PC, as well as preventive check anti-virus program.A separate problem is the difficulty may cause the quality of Internet connection.

In this case, press Play, which is built into the player, and then use the "pause" and wait a few minutes.With this video is loaded into the cache, and you can watch it without delay.It may also be a problem with the Internet connection that will cause this problem.In this case, seek help from your provider.

If the network connection speed is too low, it can be increased by choosing a different rate plan (for an additional fee), or using the services of another company provider.You should also check whether the computer of various malfunctions.To solve such problems are much more complicated, as they require professional assistance.

employee specialized service center will carry out a thorough diagnosis and recover your computer.If necessary, the expert completely reinstall your operating system updated with all the list of necessary software for comfortable operation of the computer.

In the event of hardware failures will be replaced the failed components with new ones.While the master is not yet come, we note that the update "Flash Player", which was mentioned above, solves the problems with the "YouTube" in 90% of cases.In order to prevent such problems from happening again in the future, the developer has provided the ability to automatically update the application.

Here we examined why not show a video in "Youtube", and what are the solutions to this problem.