How to cook a delicious pea soup?

decide to start with the recipe, because the methods of preparation of pea soup so much that it is no wonder lost.

Next, select with what you are going to cook pea soup: fresh, with canned or dried.

Now decide whether you cook pea soup with meat or chicken broth with smoked meat or lean on the vegetable broth.

classic version of pea soup, which is preparing in Russia has long been considered the soup with dried peas.

you happened to choose a specific recipe and begin cooking delicious pea soup.

Features cooking delicious pea soup

turns out to cook a delicious pea soup is not so simple, because the inappropriate preparation, he cooked for too long, and besides, will have a not too pleasant specific taste and smell.

First of all, choose the peas - peeled or whole and worry about it in advance, as before cooking the peas should be soaked in water.

Peas soaked for 5-7 hours.Preferred to leave the peas in water overnight.Usually in the morning the water is drained, washed peas, pour fresh water and cook until done already.

But if you forget to soak the peas, do not despair!Many housewives are special techniques: lay the prepared peas in boiling water, boil for 15-20 minutes and then in a pan of boiling peas poured into about 150 ml of cold water.Peas and cooked quickly and well seethe.

classic recipe tasty pea soup

offers recipes - the easiest it will not make any difficulties even for inexperienced housewives.

Products: 500 grams of meat (smoked or 250-300 g), 250 g of peas 2.5 liters of water, 1 carrot, 1 onion, 2 tablespoons butter, salt, spices and herbs to taste.

Wash the peas, cover with cold water and cook over low heat, cover tightly closed.After 1 hour of cooking, add to the soup sliced ​​and lightly fried carrots and onions and continue to cook until the peas are not fully seethe to puree the state.

If you want to cook a delicious pea soup with meat or mushroom broth, cook the peas first in plain water (taking about 3 cups), and then have it along with roasted roots transfer to a pre-cooked boiling broth.

can cook pea soup with potatoes - it needs to be cleaned, cut into cubes and put into the broth with peas and roots.

cook delicious pea soup can, using Smoked: smoked chicken, sausage or smoked ham and bacon, etc.

How to cook a delicious pea soup

Tasty soup pea can be prepared as a broth, soand vegetable broth.Pea soup puree boiled until cooked, and then rubbed through a sieve or passed through a meat grinder.To puree was uniform and mashed products do not settle to the bottom and are distributed uniformly in the broth, and to achieve the required density in the soup you can add a little fried in butter flour, which then need to boil for 20-30 minutes.

To improve the taste of pea soup can fill with butter.For this soup just before serving, remove from heat and add to it divided by small portions of butter, stirring well.

puree to the soup is usually served with white bread croutons.

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