Tips on how to disable the keyboard on a laptop

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important part of the computer - the keyboard.We must be able to exploit it.Consider one of the issues related to the direct use of this element PC.Let's talk about how to disable the keyboard on a laptop.Sometimes it's necessary.

When you want to disable the keyboard

Here are common situations in which you need to deal with the question of how to disable the keyboard on the laptop:

- In case of breakage and failure of the keyboard.

- If you have active children in the family, that and strive to "work" on your laptop.

- pet, such as a kitten who loves to play with the keyboard, arranging these excavations on its keys.

- It often happens that a native of the laptop keyboard is not the most comfortable.It is particularly well understood by those who work a lot on it.The keys are flat and small may not be popular with users.In this case, we can offer a way out, the connection is an alternative keyboard.

How to disable the keyboard?

If you look at it as a physical process, there's nothing complicated here.Even a novice owner of this miracle technology should have no problem.So let's see how to disable the keyboard on a laptop.Each laptop keyboard is connected to the main (parent) board with a special train.Search for a long time it is not necessary.To disable the keypad Open the casing of your equipment, then pull loop.It is important to know that the act should be very careful not to break his laptop.Get together and do everything quietly, without making sudden movements.So you're not harm the motherboard or processor.

How to lock the keypad?

Now you know how to disable the keyboard on a laptop.But sometimes that is not required to make such drastic action.Sometimes it is enough just to lock the keypad.It is interesting to know how this can be done?Too simple, just remember that this lock will work until you restart your notebook.At the bottom left corner of the screen, as is known, there is a large button, which is called "Start."Click it, then find the "All Programs", there click on the item "Standard", then you need to choose an icon next to it says "Command Prompt."This opens a window in which the type of the following form: "rundll32 keyboard, disable".This will lock the keyboard on a laptop.

is possible to make even easier: in the "Run", available immediately when you press the "Start", enter the same command.

Now you know what to block or disable the keyboard on a laptop is a snap.


You can even turn off the sound of your keyboard.This is done with a couple of mouse clicks.Click "Start" then "Control Panel."Then select "Sound", there get the tab "Sounds", where in the "Sound scheme" set "Mute", and then we click "OK".After these steps, you will be relieved from the sounds of the keyboard.

To unlock the keyboard, press the key combination that can be different for certain PC models.Standard combinations are:

- Fn + F7.

- Fn + F12.

- Win + Fx (x - a number from 1-12).

- Fn + Pause.

Read the instructions to your laptop, you need a combination of you.As you see, there's nothing complicated!