Laptop DNS: customer reviews.

DNS company began its existence as a retailer of computer equipment, representing excellent products at affordable prices.However, soon after the start of its activities, it released its first own laptop DNS, reviews of which attracted even more attention to the brand.Soon came the publication has an entire line of laptops this company.It includes several productive models (from 15.6 "to 17") and a number of compact netbook price range of up to 10 thousand rubles.


Any notebook DNS, reviews about which no problem can be seen on the websites of online stores equipment, created to suit all the needs of the target audience for which it is designed.In this case all platform components and manufactured reliable manufacturers from Taiwan.All notebooks DNS company offers a warranty of 2 years.

Benefits laptops DNS

DNS laptops reviews which always display the most positive impression of the company's products have become a symbol amazing combination of strong performance and reasonable price.All new laptops DNS uses modern technology to prevent the negative impact of radiation on the vision of man and his body as a whole.In addition, manufacturers are concerned about the environment, using environmentally friendly materials in their technology and getting rid of the dangerous elements.And, of course, worthy of the highest praise appearance laptops DNS - severe housing classic black and white colors make them an ideal choice for both office and home.


DNS produce a huge number of laptops with different characteristics, ranging from compact DNS Mini and lines created specifically to study and work, and to the powerful multimedia and gaming centers DNS Home.Laptops DNS on this point can compete with your desktop "colleagues", and in some respects even surpass them.

DNS 0,116,097

This notebook DNS, reviews of which leave no doubt as to the quality, certainly deserves attention.This is a good choice for both work and home.Due to its high performance and light weight model is also attractive for tourists and those who constantly travels on business trips.The screen size of 15.6 inches is perfect for any task.

Anna, 23 years : "bought a DNS 0116097 two weeks ago. So far, everything is happy, compared with the previous noutom" flies "just like that. I thought that for the money to buy some small stuff, but so far not disappointed! "

DNS 0,116,092

If you just go from stationary PCs to laptops, this model is 15.6 inches would be an excellent choice.Reliability, portability and functionality of this laptop make it your faithful companion for everyday tasks and missions.

Igor, 34 years : "I do love new technology, so 0,116,092 came at me just in the first months after its release. For all time use negative for myself I found only one: the screen is a little small to watch movies, it is necessary to connectto the TV. Although it is for me, the eternal film fans alike. If you are not basic big screen - buy, do not regret it! "

DNS 0,116,106

This laptop is DNS, which reviews describe him as a model for those who want to get away from technology, "everything and a little bit more."17-inch display will fully enjoy movies and games.Powered laptop with a processor Intel (version Core2Duo T5900 and discrete graphics card NVIDIA GeForce G105M), which provide a quick, nice and easy to work.

Alexander, 19 years : "This is the first laptop, which I earned myself. Familiar long discouraged from buying, saying that it is better to save more money and buy" something worthwhile. "Now I understand that the right thing whendid not listen to them. Quietly pulls open the browser at the same time, Photoshop, download movies on torrent and vebmatriks ... perfect as me, the combination of performance and price. In general, I recommend to all! "

If you already buy a laptop DNS, reviews and impressions of you will no doubt be positive, and so share your experience with other readers!