Can I have an ice cream during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the woman feels the lack of vitamins in your body, so that constantly wants to eat, but not all future mothers draw attention to the beneficial and harmful properties of a product.During this period the life of the pregnant simply must comply with all the recommendations of doctors - it should only take the food that does not harm.

Opinion scientists

Most gynecologists recommend to their patients to eat as much ice cream during pregnancy planning, because due to the cold products increases the chance of successful conception nearly 50 percent.However, the simple answer to the question of whether you can eat ice cream during pregnancy, doctors for some reason can not.We'll try to figure it out.

composition of ice cream

Eat ice cream during pregnancy at the same time is possible, but at the same time and can not be, because it depends on the composition of the product.Now all the ice creams are composed of an enormous number of dyes and other chemical additives used in the food industry.This dessert can easily be compared with a variety of meats, mayonnaise, chips, crackers, french fries and other harmful substances, because the effect on the body, they have almost the same thing.

for normal fetal development during pregnancy cream is better not to eat, because pregnant women in any case can not eat the food, which is 95% of the components that have passed a deep and often low-quality chemical treatment.

calorie foods All doctors recommend during pregnancy to eliminate from their daily diet those foods that contain large amounts of fat.Of course the ice cream is very high calorie content, so if you eat at least one serving a day during gestation baby, you will recover at least 3-4 kilos.

Our main question is not only whether we can even eat ice cream for pregnant women, but also in the amount of dessert.So, ice cream during pregnancy can have 1-3 times a week for one serving, and more - in any case!Believe me, such a modest amount of nothing happens, but if there are a few packs of ice cream every day, and then we can make a child's disability.


cream during pregnancy can not be used in large quantities, because in this period of a woman's life her body works "revving" as giving a lot of vitamins to the fetus inside the case.Due to the constant contact with cold food in the mouth woman during gestation baby girl may see inflammation in the respiratory tract (upper).The expectant mom and so can withstand heavy loads, but there is also the addition of functions of warming cold food in the mouth - to no good it will not.Even a single serving of ice cream may affect the body is bad: there will be pain and turn red throat.

Ice Cream and its properties

frozen dessert is a very large number of various ingredients.Present a variety of flavors, tasty additives such as different types of chocolate and fruit.Often in the composition of ice cream you can find honey, nuts, raisins, etc., And in fact it is several times increases the likelihood that a pregnant woman will be allergic to ice cream.Therefore, all the doctors recommend first of all try to "clean" ice cream - without any "useful" additions, and only then to introduce yourself to your favorite dessert, berries and fruit.

In general, the most ideal option is a tasty and healthy ice cream during pregnancy, cooked at home.Do not forget to check the quality of the products, because pregnant women should eat only proven and really quality food that the child grew up healthy.

cream during pregnancy: Tips

Learn to make delicious ice cream for yourself.There are plenty of recipes in which every pregnant woman will make the ice cream itself is what he wants to.Moreover, a useful homemade ice cream like a pregnant much more harmful store.

Do not forget to limit the number of servings.Children can eat up to 100 milliliters of frozen dessert, and pregnant women - three times per day.

If you do buy an ice cream shop, be sure to pay attention to the integrity of the packaging itself.To during pregnancy did not have problems with the well-being of poor quality food, pay attention to what you are buying, look at the expiration dates and, of course, appearance.

Tell berries and fruits resounding and confident "Yes!".If you strongly want to eat ice cream, add yourself to it all necessary: ​​berries and stuff.Through this portion size will increase, and will benefit from it more.

It is possible to replace the frozen dessert with some other food.You can make popsicles, which calorie is simply a minimum: using a blender grind the berries and fruits, pour the mixture over formochkam - and in the freezer for a while.

From the article every woman in the state will be able to draw conclusions for themselves: is it possible to eat ice cream during pregnancy, what the consequences might be, and more.