Shower enclosures without pallet.

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plastic shower cubicles so popular recently, gradually give way to palm "brothers" of the new materials.

shower enclosures without pallet pallet

usually massive and makes the rough-looking booth.It consists of a large number of elements, so often fails.The booth with the pallet is high enough, it can not afford to get people with disabilities.But it turns out in the world long ago figured out how to get rid of these shortcomings.Enclosures without pallet not only have an elegant appearance.They are very convenient to use, because the cabin floor - a bathroom floor.

shower enclosures without pallet durable because they do not have any additional components that may be damaged.Its easy to clean, it does not require the use of special tools.


Shower enclosures vary material manufacture and package.

They can protect a bath and shower.Often shower enclosure without tray or with him.

Among the items discussed are the following:

  • Frame (aluminum or plastic).
  • Frameless (tempered glass).At the same floor and walls must be perfectly smooth, so that the water does not penetrate through them.
  • Branded shower doors (folding, swing, sliding, tilt-sliding).
  • shower enclosure made of plastic, glass or metal.
  • Barrage shower curtain that are placed over the high tray or bath.An example is the new generation of shower enclosure Avant.They are very popular.

shower enclosures without pallet has the following advantages:

  • Just set.
  • protects against the ingress of water on the floor.
  • has a special part of the walls to protect them from exposure to water.
  • relatively inexpensive.

glass shower enclosures

interesting materials in the manufacture of fences shower turned tempered safety glass thickness from 6 to 10 millimeters.

It seamlessly brings high temperatures and maximum moisture.Tensile properties of this glass during compression is greater than that of steel.These cabins have an attractive modern look.They are quick to install, easy to install.But, perhaps, the glass in the bathroom safe?According to the manufacturers, there is no reason to worry.Glass quietly resists shock the average power that can make a person accidentally catching wall.If the blow is very strong, the material is blown to small non-sharp pieces.

All edges sanded walls, besides the fixed seals transparent PVC.Joint doors are not watertight, since the magnetic seal on them.Because of this it becomes a sealed cabinet.The door can be opened in the usual way (swing) or rolled back (sliding).

Forms booths:

  • round;
  • rectangular;
  • square;
  • polygonal;
  • asymmetrical.From

described the material as a whole can make a booth and the door itself.Shower enclosures glass is often made to order according to individual projects.This makes it possible to take into account the wishes of customers.

In the manufacture of fences used supplies well-known companies, which are well withstand high humidity.The glass can be both colored and transparent.

Forms glass enclosure

  • Matt.
  • transparency.
  • toned.
  • patterned, coated sand blasted.
  • with photo printing.
  • Obratnookrashennoe.
  • Mirror.
  • from bent (mollirovannyh) glasses.

shower enclosures of this type is not covered with mold or fungus, it is environmentally friendly, long serves, well washed.It can be repaired by replacing the walls or fittings.


Often shower enclosure equipped with:

  • folding seats;
  • heated towel rails;
  • shelves;
  • mirrors;
  • handrails;
  • thresholds (no pan).


  • Cezares (Italy). manufactures shower doors, corners, curtains for the bath.
  • Radavay (Poland). Offers cockpit, curtains, doors, trays.The main difference - a reasonable price.
  • Huppe (Germany). One of the oldest companies producing showers since 1966.
  • Sturm (Germany). main features of products - Chrome-plated brass, protivoizvestkovaya processing.

Plastic fencing is cheaper, but after a few years of operation are losing species.Therefore, buying them, it is better to choose the matte surface of the walls.

Among the products of the German manufacturer of shower enclosures have the highest price.But it corresponds to the quality of manufactured goods.

Shower enclosures new generation Avant combine the advantages of simple curtains and shower.The cab is mounted on the bath.It is created from a special fabric, breathable and retains water, even a jet.Shutters are mounted on the frame.He is not only easy, but also easy to assemble.It can be installed on the left or right side.One and a half hours of work, and your bath will be protected.

Shower enclosures Huppe - German leader in the production of shower enclosures and accessories - have such advantages:

  • created from high quality materials using advanced technologies.Even in 1980, the company launched a door made of safety glass.
  • glass treated with a special tool, it does not hold water.Drops quickly running down a wall, leaving no trace and plaque.This makes it easy care surface.
  • Showers are tested for the load.Constantly held control of all parameters.
  • warranty on those parts that wear out quickly, is 10 years.

Recently, many buyers prefer Huppe doors due to their reliability.

shower enclosures are in demand Huppe, which are mounted directly in the corner of the bathroom.Fences, produced by this company, created from safety glass and brass.They are simple in shape, but elegant.The doors can be hinged guards or sliding.The system is simple and reliable at the same time.If you are accustomed to use the bathroom, then you will approach the curtain of the manufacturer.

Straight shower enclosure "Pandora" Russian producer of "BASS" are made of tempered glass texture "Grape", 6 mm thick.It is mounted on a rectangular or square pan.The frame is made of chrome-plated fence aluminum.The doors are hinged alloy that is resistant to corrosion.Furthermore, they are provided with a lifting system which raises and lowers door opening or closing.

compact enclosure

wide cabinet is easy to use.But not in every bathroom it would fit.For a small space suit shower enclosure 90x90.They are comfortable, practical, compact.The range of these protections is unusually wide.