The famous castles of England

British - amazing people, who drew strength from its history and traditions.Therefore, its castles and palaces in England - it is a kind of brand, without which no cost, no trip to the country.They keep the great and tragic story of love and betrayal, victory and defeat, cruelty and grandeur of the human soul.

earliest Norman castle dating back to 9-10 century England, and not so much.And in the Middle Ages every major feudal necessarily erected its own powerful castle, designed in typical Gothic style.Thus in each county there were several dozen castles built at different times.To date, 282 buildings are well preserved majestic castle architecture.

symbol of London is considered to be the ancient Tower, built a thousand years ago by William the Conqueror.Tower many times changed its purpose - from the royal palace to the gloomy prison.Now it has a luxurious royal treasury and the best historical museum.

largest inhabited medieval castle in the world is the Windsor Palace - the royal residence of British monarchs ruling.Here assembled a brilliant collection of paintings and sculptures, and majestic Windsor Park amazes exquisite landscaping.For sightseeing open not only the park, but also a great part of the palace.

Castles of England is unthinkable without the amazing Palace - Leeds favorite six queens.It is located on two islands and is surrounded by picturesque vineyards and the unique park.Historically, that in this castle often hosts various exhibitions and festivals.

mystical castles of England led by St. Michael's Castle, built on the hill of the same name.He is considered the "pearl of the crown" of the famous Cornwall.The name of the castle and the mountains due to the phenomenon of the Archangel Michael in this place as early as the 5th century AD.And in the middle of the 6th century, there was an amazing story, when the army of King Arthur saved the sea, suddenly sprouted from the shores near the mountain and absorb enemy army Arthur, Mordred king.

Many castles were built in England by the type of powerful fortresses.Thus, unchanging causes admiration quincentenary locking the free - heavy, but in its own elegant, decorated with magnificent towers.

about the heroic times of the Crusades tell Temple Castle - the residence of the legendary Knights Templar.The temple still retains 10 tombs of ancient knights.

impossible to imagine without the mysterious castles of England chilling ghosts and bloody history.So, in the county of Norfolk has a castle Blickling Hall, which regularly appears the ghost of Anne Boleyn, was executed on the orders of her treacherous husband, King Henry VIII.Glamis Castle A legend has it that his master walled room own servants, because he decided not to stop the game of cards, even if at his table would be the devil.So he is an endless game of your indiscretion will.

Filmmakers can find suitable locks England under any historical or fictional events.For example, some episodes of "Harry Potter" were filmed at Blenheim Palace, and shooting the acclaimed "The Da Vinci Code" took place in the castle Beaver.

British laws take care that the owners have restored their old castles, did not violate the architecture and maintained in good condition.Castles in England - it demanded a form of property.They seek to acquire well-known singers, film stars, businessmen and politicians.So, happy proprietors of their own castles became Madonna and Angelina Jolie.

To get into the spirit of Great Britain, one must visit its ancient palaces and castles.It is the heart and soul of the amazing country.