Metronome - what is this?

In order to become a good musician is not always enough to buy a musical instrument and learn musical notation.It is important not simply to be able to play an instrument, but do so cleanly and efficiently, get into the rhythm, feel the rhythm.Thanks metronome acquired control of the hands and fingers.However, not only newcomers prefer to play with a metronome, and many well-known professional musicians hone their skills over the years with this device.What is a metronome and what is it for?

The meaning and scope of

To begin to understand what the this unit, and what role it in the music industry.Metronome - a device that is ticking certain rhythm at a predetermined rate, which varies from slowest to fastest (depending on the level of professionalism of the player).He - just an indispensable tool for beginners to learn to play the guitar, bass guitar and drum kit.Is accurate tempo guide.Using the metronome musician does not "escape forward."When learning the new party or composition excellent option would be to start with a slow tempo to win back every note clearly.With the improvement should accelerate the pace to be close to the original product.

Every musician has his own internal sense of meter and rhythm.If a musician does not feel his inner meter, and a sense of rhythm is chaotic, then without a metronome it is not exactly necessary.Thus, by using this device can achieve a beautiful and clear sound.What is the metronome in a familiar view?

good old classics

original for most of the metronome - a device in the shape of a pyramid, one side of which is a pendulum with a small weight.From the location of the sinker depends on the frequency of the metronome.The higher the sinker is, the less will be hit, and vice versa.For the pendulum is a scale to determine the frequency of strikes.Previously, such a pyramid - metronomes were quite bulky, stationary, made of wood.Now they produce more compact, and there are models made of plastic.This is the simplest and most reliable form of this device, it is called a mechanical metronome.It is believed that in this way it was created for the great inventor Meltselem musician Ludwig van Beethoven, who was deaf and could not count the rhythm only swinging pendulum metronome.Although this is only one of the theories, as the principle instrument was invented long before Meltselya.

Mechanics What are the advantages?

Due to the pendulum swinging in different directions, even a very passionate game player's eye at least be able to track the movement.Also, the device is very convenient form, a small pyramid refined fit easily in a pocket guitar cover harmoniously fit into the rehearsal room, creating a creative atmosphere.Very nice mechanical mouse is not annoying, unlike some electronic sound unique and perfect for the sound of any instrument.Incidentally, this mechanical sound so harmonious that helps to focus and even meditate.

mechanical metronome is very easy to use and intuitive, even a novice musician.He clockwork, so it does not need batteries.

Electronic Modernization or competitor

electronic metronome is a relatively new device, which has already managed to conquer the hearts of many musicians.His preference for those who play electronic instruments.Its advantage - in a compact size, allowing the device fits in any case.He also complemented by a variety of functions, such as the emphasis (and its offset to any rhythm), a tuning fork, some hybrid models, complete with metronome has a tuner (a device for tuning musical instruments).The sound emitted by such a metronome can be different: a squeak, rattle, mouse, etc..

modern market electronic metronomes can satisfy any whim beginners and experienced musicians, presenting the products of various companies of all shapes, colors and sizes to suit every taste and budget.

Electronic metronomes for drummers

These devices differ from other incredibly advanced functionality.Drummers need to manage at the same time with both hands and feet, and the party - different for each limb.For this special metronome function is set for them, where the faders (special sliders) you can set the rhythm for each hand or foot.Also, these devices are equipped with an option for storing rhythms.

Metronome computer or favorite gadgets

Progress does not stand still.The digital age and got to such devices.Software metronome - a new stage in the development of devices such plan.Now it does not necessarily buy the device.And it is not a problem if I forget it at home and take to the rehearsal.Now you can set the metronome to a computer, smartphone or other gadget, and find free online.A number of different options to suit every taste, you can choose for themselves on the Internet.Virtual metronomes also perfectly perform its function of generating tones at a given temperature, it can still use the visual effects.Ease of these metronomes really invaluable.

necessary or possible to do?

There are two groups of musicians: the first is almost always use a metronome, the latter is not used at all or very rarely.Who is right and how great the benefits of the metronome?Those who do not use them, believe that there is no need to limit the play just the rhythm, because in this way is difficult to express their creativity and virtuosity.Or simply do not know about it or did not think of using such a device.However, those musicians who often used, is of the opinion that the metronome helps improve accuracy and increase the speed of playing a musical instrument.In some ways, and some are right and others, because there are basic elements and technical issues that need to learn and master, and only then bring to progress with the help of a metronome.The golden mean is that.

To bring the game to perfection, you must be able to play just the rhythm.Metronome - is an important step in achieving accuracy and purity of the game.One click of the metronome corresponds to one note.Ideally, it creates a silent effect if the notes fall exactly at the click of the metronome.Thus, we achieve an absolute rhythm.This is certainly a very important moment for the game as a team.Metronome for guitar, bass and drums - absolutely indispensable tool for improving the game.Pursuing without this device, it is possible to develop the imagination, creating an incredible and spasmodic solos.But still worth sharing sessions with the metronome, and without him, to uncover their full potential.