Who is Ramsey Bolton?

For the past 5 years in a row in theaters the American HBO series "Game of Thrones", filmed on the basis of the cycle of novels "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George Martin.There is hardly a fan of the TV show, which would not have been familiar with such a character as Ramsay Bolton.The actor, who has recreated the image on the screen, according to many fans of the saga, was matched perfectly.His name is Ivan Reon.

talent hails from Wales

Reon Ivan was born on 13 May 1985 in Carmarthen, but grew up in Cardiff.Dramatic Arts boy began to study at school, and after it graduated from the Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in London.The first steps in the acting profession, Ivan was doing on the stage, and for his role in the rock musical even awarded the Laurence Olivier.But the real glory of the British brought the role of Simon Bellamy in the popular youth series "Scum" (2009-2012), who glorified him far outside the United Kingdom.However, after the "scum" significant roles at Reon it was not, almost unknown a few movies and TV shows on British TV channels.And from 2013 to the present time, in addition to Ivan Reon - Ramsey Bolton in the "Game of Thrones", he is also Ash Weston in the sitcom "vicious."Ivan - the creative and multifaceted nature, it not only plays movies and TV shows, but also engaged and music.On account of his four solo albums.

Ramsey Snow

little about the character.This illegitimate son of one of the Lords of the North, namely Roose Bolton.He decided to punish one of his subjects, a girl from a peasant family, which without the knowledge of his Lord tied the knot with the miller.Hanging her husband, Roose Bolton possessed girl, and 9 months later she brought to the gates of his castle baby.Despite the desire to get rid of the baby, Lord, who lost by the time the legitimate heirs, he decided nevertheless to leave him and gave him the name Ramsey.But bastards traditionally wear the name of Snow, is a parent decides not to officially recognize their child and give him his name.The audience first met with Ramsey Snow in the third season of the series, but the references to the character was still in the second.Throughout the third season of Ramsey character reveals to the audience all their horrible traits, exposing the inhuman torture Teona Greydzhoya, and eventually fully breaks down and destroys him as a person.

Ramsey Bolton actor, interesting facts about the role of

In the fourth season of the successful outcome of the operation of capturing the strategically important Moat Cailin, Lord Ruse finally acknowledges his bastard legitimate heir, and gives him his name.From now on his name is none other than Ramsay Bolton.Actor Ivan Reon, according to readers, viewers and critics, brilliantly coped with his role, because very precisely could convey the character and the book caused quite a dislike of the audience.An interesting fact is that the creators of the series, has already announced the completion of the cast for the third season in the face Reon, until recently, held the intrigue, whom he will play.Initially, he was even in the credits has been declared as a "boy".Also, according to the producers of the series, the actor who plays Ramsay Bolton, originally auditioned for the role of John Snow, but the role went to Keith Harrington.Unbalanced sadist - a Ramsey Bolton.The actor believes that the enjoyment of others' pain and suffering - a key factor in the character of the hero, who hated the audience exactly can overtake antilyubimchika Joffrey spectators, especially because this character is no longer a competition because of his death.