Colorful Trends: The most popular types of hair coloring

«If a woman changes her hair, so soon it will change life" - considered the great Coco Chanel.Indeed, external changes are not only pleasing to the eye, but also activate forces for further achievements, so do not give up the experiments, including the hair.Today we talk about the actual types of staining that will make your image more vivid and fashionable.


staining, has long become traditional - only lighten the individual strands.When "US" is used 3-4 Highlights shade that creates the effect of shimmering curls.In the "Venetian" is used a single tone, create a feeling of sun-bleached locks.Ideal for those who want to change the color of the hair, but not ready to change color dramatically.

There are several types of dyeing.Mazhimesh looks great on light and light-brown hair, gives them extra volume on the dark is almost imperceptible.Baliyazh suitable for short hair and graded, and long looks untidy.Staining shatush advantageous to look at the dark hair on light almost imperceptibly.The procedure takes less time than the usual highlights and leaves no clear line of color at the roots.


most popular to date view of staining.Dyed hair by several shades: from 2-3 to 10, which makes it possible to visually enlarge the volume and achieve a smooth transition of natural tones or dizzying contrasts.Perfect for those who want to look bright and willing to experiment.

Types coloring: Ombre and brondirovanie

brondirovanie - a combination of "brunette" and "blonde" color varies from dark to light, the basic tone - light brown.An excellent choice for owners of straight hair who want to emphasize cheekbones or contour haircut.

Ombre (also referred to degrade) creates a smooth transition from subsistence to a brighter tone.Extravagant options mean natural color at the roots and a bright contrast - on the tips.Strands look as if they had been dipped in the paint.

Crazy color

«Crazy colors» («Crazy colours») is now at the peak of fashion.A strand of hair is bleached and painted with special crayons or neon paint that washed off after 6-8 times washing of the head.Ombre is possible as an effect, and a staining individual strands.Ideal for parties, because locks can be painted in any color of the rainbow.Well emphasize graded haircut and outstanding taste.When choosing colors, consider: most relevant now considered green and pink, but blue and purple gone by the wayside.

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