And thou shalt baobab!

Skeptics believe if fans of reincarnation - flawed people.They are trying to make up for the insignificance of his present life by the previous ones.Alas, it is a fact: among those who are proud of their past incarnations, a great many of Macedon, Napoleon and Mari-Antoinette.But there are other "memories" - small, horrible and so realistic that fall away the last doubts: the transmigration of souls is possible!


this story I told my close friend - a fairly well-known person.Because I will not mention his name, I will not say exactly where the events unfolded.Let me just say one thing: all this history, from the first to the last word - the truth.

All my life my friend, a Moscow architect N., tormented by a recurring nightmare.In the dream, he saw himself wandering with torch in the hands of the dark, winding corridors.He stayed before the forged door flung open, and it went into a small room where the wall was chained bloody woman.When she began to form N. scream and beg for mercy.At this point, he always woke up in a cold sweat.Most of his own emotions scared that he had a dream: He was clearly enjoying his victim's agony.He's a - an intellectual in the fifth generation, which is not hurt a fly!

N. desperate to understand what was happening when he was in the company of other experts invited to restore the medieval castle on the border of Poland and Lithuania.And worth N. cross the threshold of this monument of architecture, he instantly recognized the building, it is a nightmare.He seemed to be back to where once lived - as well he knew all the nooks and crannies of the castle.N. even managed to show the rangers in the dungeons of the secret passages, the existence of which they were unaware.And he found a door and a terrible forged.Long hesitated, not daring to open.But then still prevailed himself in a small room was empty, only a heavy chain hanging on the wall ...

Polish colleagues to ask my friend: where he is well aware of the castle?H. What could answer?What he dreamed it all?So he laughed it off and brushed off inquiries.And then he told the Poles that 400 years ago - in the XVI century - the owner of the castle was killed by his own neighbors.Not just killed and torn to pieces, which are then scattered "all the cities and villages."So grave is not Pan.But the graves of his victims and now you can still find the old cemetery.A distinguished gentleman distinguished loving special kind: It was fun to torment and torture of young maidens.So much so that the peasants began to hide away their daughters.

the cup overflowed last case: if the pan has kidnapped the daughter of his neighbor, and half kept the poor thing on a chain in the basement of the castle ...

And when she died, Pan, apparently confident of their impunity, threw her body on his father's yard.But this time he was unable to pay off the court: to him was a crowd of angry farmers led by the girl's father ...

N. When I heard this story, suddenly clearly understood: it is the very pan-murderer!The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime: he returned - only 400 years.With the help of the Polish colleagues, he found the grave of his latest victim, and then went to the temple and deeply, sincerely pray for the soul ruined.And ever since the nightmare ceased to torment him.After all gone through NA became a zealous fan of reincarnation.And gradually he managed to win in their faith and I ...

I believe - I do not believe

By the way, we had no means alone: ​​according to statistics, in the transmigration of souls believe 30% of Russians (contrary to the Orthodox religion), 25% of Americans(which does not prevent them from attending church) and 27% of Europeans (also active Catholics and Protestants).About East and Africa, where, in fact, came to us the idea of ​​posthumous existence of the human soul, and say nothing: there every second is preparing for the next incarnation.True, not all are working on karma, but now is not the point.Find out who you were in the past, and how you disguise in store in the future, you can with the help of dozens of online tests.Another thing is that the result of their will be doubtful.True followers of reincarnation know that is not so is simple - to prove that you have already "come" to the land.

a keen interest in "posthumous experience" appeared in Europe in the late XIX century.And then many quacks had to discredit the idea of ​​reincarnation.For many years, researchers have looked with disdain on all who supposedly could remember their past lives.Not that the scientific world is now unconditionally believed in the transmigration of souls, yet the degree of contempt is clearly diminished.And in many ways - thanks to a psychiatrist Brian Weiss.

Remembrance as a medicine

In the late 1980s, Dr. Weiss led the Department of Psychiatry Medicine Center at Yale University.He conducted yourself techniques and neither of which did not even think of reincarnation.But once a patient came to him with a very stable phobia.The young lady is so afraid of the water, even wash was for her problem.After keeping her on the couch myriad of fruitless sessions, Weiss decided to hypnosis.He plunged into a hypnotic trance woman and gave her the installation: to return to a time when there was a phobia.The lady listened - and moved as much as 4000 years ago, it was at that time she was "lucky" to drown in a flood.It is not surprising that the young woman was afraid of water.The doctor at first thought that went too far with the power of suggestion.But during the next hypnotic session the patient repeated word for word the whole story, and the story at the same time has provided a number of historical details that the average housewife hand know well, could not.

But most importantly - the therapeutic effect was achieved: by phobias and not a trace!And for the physician is the most important thing.So he introduced the method of "Journey to the Past Life" in its usual practice.Of course, "cracked" by no means all.But about 2,000 people under hypnosis told Weiss not only about their "adventures" in the distant past, but also get rid of the problems that hinder live in the present.Doctor, by the way, found a pattern: As a rule, all sorts of phobias and other mental health problems suffered by those people who have tragically ended his days in one of the previous incarnations.And the terrible unsightly and the circumstances of their death in the past, the harder it was in this disorder.

In 1988, Dr. Weiss wrote a book, "Many lives, many teachers," and became a devout follower of reincarnation.

key on a hundred doors

Most notably, he is not the first - and certainly not the last scientist who renounced materialistic beliefs in favor of the theory of the transmigration of souls.Road parallel to the path of Dr. Weiss was the famous American psychologist Raymond Moody.His, however, was more interested in "near death experience" and therefore its clients are people who have experienced clinical death.As Weiss, he injected his patients into a trance.And of those 200, only 20 did not see any pictures of the past, being under hypnosis.Moody was so interested in this phenomenon, which has asked a professional hypnotist - Diana Denholl - enter into a trance himself.Driven by professional curiosity, Diana agreed.As a result, Moody recalled as many as nine of their past lives ...

No wonder that hypnotist in the world are convinced that they hold the key to the past of any person.And the key that unlocks these doors, which the patient does not even know.A few years ago in Munich, conducted an experiment: scientists wanted to evaluate how early humans first memories are formed.Because hundreds of people under hypnosis asked about events that they remember in the first three years of life.So: 35% (!) Of the respondents were able to recall what the testimony of the parents, with them never happened!Moreover, under hypnosis, people began to speak in tongues, dialects, long-disused ...

This way, there is a more or less scientific definition: the ability of people suddenly - under hypnosis or after severe physical / mental trauma - sayon the ancient, dead, and others, previously unfamiliar languages, called "xenoglossy."The term is still in the 1970s coined the English professor Don Johnson.Of course, in his collection there were many "ksenoglossicheskih" exhibits.And, largely thanks to his efforts, in 1980 in the US appeared the Association of Research and Therapy of past lives.One of the active participants was a professor of psychiatry Ian Stevenson.

method Stevenson

in the academic world for the man are ambiguous.Some find it a pseudoscientific approach, criticizing the methods of his research, and the more conclusions.But others believe that Stevenson performed the work with due scientific rigor.Professor Sam was very exacting with himself - and even more to the work of his life: for research related to reincarnation, he gave 40 years.And all these years, I abide scrupulously by three rules.

Firstly, Stevenson researched only with children from 2 to 4 years.He believed that only children can reliably recall his past life.Adults are able to extract information about the "Past" from other sources - and provide it for their own experiences.Someone - the desire to become famous, while others - because of the mental disorder.The children - because of their age - if they are able to lie, do not have sufficient backgrounds (luggage) in order to mislead investigators.

Secondly, Ian Stevenson had paid nothing to those families where there was a child, remembering their past incarnations.This was done with one purpose: to deprive opponents of opportunities to accuse him of bribery and "purchase" correct reading.

Finally, thirdly, the professor is not contested a case of reincarnation that could be documented.He spent hours in the archives to shed light on an event allegedly took place in the past.Interrogates the remaining witnesses, talking to witnesses, collect photographic material and even made excavations, speaking at the same time detective, historian and archaeologist ... Just the facts

It is clear that with such a rigorous approach in the bank Stevenson "was got" only "20 cases of alleged reincarnation."The name of his book, translated later into 7 languages: Professor, I do not doubt that sometimes after death his personality survives and returns to earth in another body, did not dare to impose their views to readers.He just stated the facts - so that they could draw conclusions.

As an illustration - Suge story of a boy from Sri Lanka.

When he was 2 years old, he told his mother that his real home is eight miles to the south.And in general - he is Sammy Fernando, working on the railroad, and loves to drink.Actually, because he died: being drunk, run over by a truck.This case became known Stevenson and he started the whole investigation to clarify the circumstances of the case.It turned out that Sammy Fernando really existed, he lived in those places, and died exactly as described 2-year-old kid.Overall accumulated 59 matches between the story of the child and family memories of Sammy.

Suge told his parents about his alcoholic past life for four years.But when he was 6, memories boy disappeared - if they eraser erased ...

Incidentally, this is the general rule: no matter how well the children nor remember his past incarnations, to six, to a maximum of eight years in their memories fade ...

Always therechance

Then at Stevenson were other books: "The children who remember previous lives: the search for the reincarnations", "Reincarnation and Biology", "European cases of reincarnation."The last work was written four years before the death of Stevenson: he died in 2007 at age 88.And, perhaps, he was not afraid to die: it was someone, but Jan did not doubt - sooner or later, he will return ...

That is why the idea of ​​reincarnation - regardless of whether you believe it or not - is so popular.Moreover, upon closer inspection, it looks only right and proper.After all, without our world may seem very cruel.Why are some rich and others poor?Some are beautiful - others ugly?Some are healthy - and others are sick?All these questions have an answer: you get what they deserve.That is the law of karma.But do not worry - you always have a chance to fix it!And in the next life will be all right!


Official science denies reincarnation, but recognizes the existence of deja vu - which translated from French means "déjà vu".Surely you are faced with this psychic phenomena when you thought that you've been in this situation, experienced or watched the episode this picture.Scientists believe that déjà vu - this is a game of imagination, but most importantly - a serious reason to see a doctor: because it is a sign of paramnesia - that is, memory corruption.


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