An analysis of the poem "Prayer", Lermontov M. Yu

Poems such colorful poets as Lermontov, familiar to us from early childhood, and it is difficult to imagine the author, to write more clearly and beautifully.The works of this man is so heartfelt that by reading them is a lasting sense of touch to something living, lovely, clean ... probably due to it in the first class of us so easily digested a string of poems "White Birch" and "Sail".It is so easy that remain in our memories for a lifetime.

great writer with a belief in good, bright, eternal

Despite the fact that in this article we will try to make a deeper analysis of the poem "Prayer", Lermontov wrote two works that have a direct focus to Orthodoxy.They are all young Michael expresses his hope for a favorable outcome of life events, which turned out to be.Each request to the invocation of the saints forces to help which, of course, believed Lermontov, prayer ... "Angel" - the second poem, in which there is an appeal to the ephemeral creature from another world.It's very emotional, just in the style of Lermontov.In addition to the above, there is another author's prayer.Lermontov "I, the Mother of God ..." is not in vain called on the first line, as many believe it is the most powerful and memorable in all the work.

In each of the three rhyming prayers can be traced vivid relationship with the experiences of the great poet.His life was far from cloudless, but in spite of all the troubles on their way, Michael did not give up.Contrary to all those who argued that Lermontov gnaw depression and feelings, he did and believed in God.

analysis of the poem "Prayer", Lermontov M. Yu

works Lermontov different confrontation and rebellious manner of presentation.Many disliked him for truth and understanding of the political structure, but most people admire the courage still very young writer and took his example ... In spite of the strong will and the ability to express their own words, the position of confrontation, we have the work of the author, which differserenity and depth of the pain that he felt Mikhail.Here is an analysis of the poem "Prayer", Lermontov really opens it to the reader his whole soul.

quiet experiences of the author

brave, patriotic and successful, Mikhail declared himself in each work, but the analysis of the poem "Prayer" Lermontov says that in the poet's soul hidden deep emotions and doubt that none but GodI could not tame ... Behind the mask of self-confident writer concealed vulnerable person, and this is reflected in each line of this work.It got quiet and peaceful, not like the flashy texts Michael, which once again proves the spiritual fatigue and loneliness ... For the true loneliness is not a lack of people in the environment, and in the absence of those who will never betray.Mikhail Lermontov, like anyone else, knew the value of true feelings and experiences.