How to format a hard disk drive through

main "territory", in which all data is stored on the computer is the hard drive.Hard drives have been enormous in length and stage of development at the time, and now their volumes are different from older models thousands of times.Storing information ceases to give such inconveniences as the lack of memory, but still, not everyone has such a device.To the hard drive of your personal computer work much faster and was consistently protected, must be permanently or periodically perform certain procedures on it.

How to format a hard drive through a disk?

Format - this is one of those procedures that sometimes need to perform.When the hard drive is full, there is a shortage of memory.Often, users have to delete information that is not needed.This is done on a regular basis, but over time many note that there seems to be nothing but the disk is full.What's happening?To do this you need to understand how well this is the information stored on it.This magnetic tracks, saving information.When you remove it

, they are brought into a position in which they can record new information while the old still remains on the disk.When a new recording on top of it, then there are cases where the old information is not visible when displaying the disc, but nevertheless it is still present.

In order to avoid such a scenario, it is necessary to format your hard drive.How to format a hard drive through a disk?This can be done by various methods.The easiest way - is to click the right button of your mouse on the drive icon, then, choose the formatting and confirm it.Perform a quick format or complete, up to you, the difference is hardly noticeable.After these very simple steps the hard disk will be completely clean, and all of its space will be available to you for further work.Naturally, before you format a hard drive through a disk, the information should be reserved to the other device.

also formatting is done through various special programs.They present documentation that will help to solve the question of how to format a hard drive through a disk.

Division Hard Disk

In order to better and faster computer processes the information to save hard disk space, you must correctly organize the storage of memory.To do this, there is usually a computer hard drive, which, in turn, is divided into several specific virtual partitions.So we have two hard drives.One stores all the necessary programs and contains less information, and the second (or more disks) storage stores data in the form of films or music.How convenient?In that when a virus or other problem can be formatted separately.The division is made when you reinstall Windows, if it is placed on the hard drive, or special programs.It is enough to drag the slider to the program, which will provide the required amount of memory for a virtual disk, and reformat them all individually.

Merge hard disk partitions

This is to ensure that multiple virtual partitions to return one disc.Produced well as reinstalling Windows or using the programs.The fact is that if the drive is installed Windows, you have to format it as the union, as well as the separation, purification requires a full disk.There are new programs that can help you avoid this, but in practice they do not work well.One of them is a Partition magic - most normal program for such purposes.It runs in the operation under Windows and perform actions on a hard disk with the slider.