Fyodor Tyutchev: biography, a brief description of creativity

Fyodor Tyutchev, poetry, biography and creative way which will be discussed later - a very interesting man.It is not for nothing that one of the best Russian classics, among which is at least a place of honor.He became famous not only as a poet but also as a diplomat in the service of Russia, as well as (albeit to a lesser extent) as a writer and correspondent member of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.Like many creative people, his relationships with women were confused, we can say, creative and does not fit into the philistine morality.We were on the life of the poet and the mistakes and tragic moments.

FITiutchev, biography.A brief history of the young years

Fedor Tiutchev saw the light in the family estate of the fifth district of the Bryansk Ovstug December 1803.You could say that he was a child prodigy.He knew Latin, was fond of the Roman poetry and in 13 years translated the poems of Horace.Fourteen year-old became a free listener verbal department of Moscow University, and at 16 became a member of the student of the Society of Russian literature.After graduating in 1821, Tiutchev gets a good place - work Attache (although freelance) in Bavaria, at the Russian diplomatic mission.

Munich Tiutchev (brief biography does not transmit details) gets acquainted with Heine and Schelling, as well as with Novalis.Last subsequently had on a poet of great influence.In 1826, a young Russian diplomat married Countess Eleanor Peterson.From this marriage were born three daughters.In 1937, the family suffers, ships wrecked in the Baltic Sea.To save his wife and daughters turned Tiutchev help passengers on the same ship Ivan Turgenev.But the fatal accident on the health Peterson, and she dies in 1838.

Three Muses

Although witnesses and say that at the tomb of his wife Tiutchev turned gray overnight, the next year he enters into a new marriage - the recently widowed Baroness Ernestine Pfeffel-DŃ‘rnberg.There is evidence that he had contact with her during the life of Eleanor.In addition to these two ladies, a lot of lyrical poems dedicated to the poet of some EA Denisiev.Which of these three women liked best Tiutchev, biography - a brief history of his life - he is silent about it.

Return to Russia

On behalf of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs until 1844 Tiutchev is actively engaged in the active work to promote the image of Russia in the West.He writes his first journalistic work: "Letter to Mr. Dr. Kolb", "Note by the king", "Russia and the Revolution" and others.In Russia, it took the place of senior censor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.In 1858 he rose to the rank of State Councilor.Being rigid censor and an ardent champion of the Russian imperstva, Tiutchev (a brief biography of the poet is full of oddities) is still included in a circle of Belinsky and published in the journal "Contemporary".In December 1872, the privy councilor felt the sharp deterioration in health.He began to pursue headaches, lost feeling left hand, weakened eyesight.January 1, 1873 he had a stroke, half-paralyzed poet.July 15 the same year, Tiutchev died, and it happened in Tsarskoye Selo.Classic buried at Novodevichy Cemetery.

poet Tiutchev: biography and work

researchers works and style Tiutchev think that his way of the creator can be divided into three periods.Youthful poems (up to 1820) archaic style.The second period (1820-40 th years.) - It is odic poetry, in which the intertwined features of European romanticism.After a 10-year hiatus in the writing of poetry begins the third, the mature period (1850-70).It creates a "Denisevsky cycle" love poetry, written political works.