Corner shower - tips on choosing

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In the age of modern technology and small-sized apartments, unfortunately not everyone can afford to have a spacious bathroom.As a rule, the size of apartment buildings budget so compact that counts every corner.Such areas as the kitchen and bathroom are so minimized that setting to the necessary furniture, it becomes very crowded.And if you put the cast-iron bath, it takes all the space.Therefore, manufacturers are not standing still and released to the market showers.Of course, they can not lie for hours in the bathroom, but they are more practical in its use and take up relatively little space.

gained particular popularity corner shower are ideally suited to the space of the room so that there is no useless space.Showers are small enough, but you can choose size and more.Therefore, if your bathroom is no different than a large area, it's worth thinking about installing a shower.And when it is selected is necessary to pay attention to some details.Corner shower saves space in the bathroom, in contrast to the rectangular and square enclosures.The cheapest option would be an open cockpit.Their walls are made of plastic, and they are open on top.Of course, taking a shower, it will be optimal, but it is cool enough and uncomfortable, because all the warm air will go away.Therefore, the best option would be to choose a shower closed.

Now the market offers a variety of models, ranging from the simplest to set minimum functions, to the most expensive, which may optionally be a sauna, color music and telephone.Here everyone is counting on the amount available to the.Today, even the most basic models have a hydro-massage, so it is not necessary because of the set of extra, unnecessary features to acquire the newest model.When you select a note on the door of the cabin.The most convenient is a cabin with sliding doors, especially if space bathroom is very minimized.With regard to the pan, the most affordable price and quality will be a plastic bottom.If you have a large sum, you can select the tray from a natural stone.It is most beneficial will affect the feet.If we talk about more durable pallets made of cast iron or steel, then getting up on them for some time will feel discomfort, as they are long enough to heat up.Therefore, choosing a shower is necessary to take into account all the details, because of their general impression of comfort and practicality of a shower.