The dog watery eyes.

Many breeders are faced with the unpleasant problem - the dog watery eyes.What to do in such a case we need to contact the vet and the reasons for this phenomenon?Try to understand.

Eye Care

puppy dog ​​eyes The health care must be taken since childhood.Puppy Eyes should be shiny, without isolation.If so, nothing to do, try not to go to the authorities of his hands.In the older literature can be found the recommendation to do the washing with a weak solution of boric acid.Modern vets believe that to make such manipulation a healthy dog ​​does not make sense.

No need to rush to treatment, if the puppy after a night of sleep there are small white beads around the eyes.Carefully remove them with a clean cotton swab.For each eye, use a separate piece of cotton wool, making a motion to the nose.If the white secret appears in small quantities and only after a long sleep - do not worry.

Seen from the eyes do not need to touch them with dirty hands, this rule applies to the care of older dogs.

pedigree features

Why do dogs watery eyes?Some problems with tearing occur very often.It is connected with breed characteristics, the structure of the skull and eyes.Undeveloped, narrow, curved tear ducts appear in brachycephalic because flat snout, from toy and Spitz because of the small round head, have extremely small breeds because of the size.

large expressive eyes french bulldog, Pekingese, hina, Chihuahua prone to injury, they often get dust mote.Dogs with loose, sagging eyelids accumulate dirt, which leads to frequent inflammation.

If flowing eyes dog from puppyhood, you should ask, is not this anatomical feature.This dog will need special care - several times a day to clean the tears gauze pad soaked in a special lotion.Remove

problem with excessive tearing, associated with the anatomical features can only be surgically - to expand and clean tear ducts, correct the shape of the eyelids.

Reasons for watery eyes of a dog

Why do dogs watery eyes?This problem can be:

- Eye dust, debris, different aerosols;

- a reaction to improper feeding, for example, a large number of sweets;

- volvulus century;

- blocked tear duct;

- inflammation of the lacrimal sac.

Note the last 3 points.It is necessary to intervene doctor.

Separate treatment of eye dogs

Consider the problems that a dog owner can manage on their own.After contact with a foreign object in the eye to do copious rinsing with lukewarm boiled water.You can also enroll if eyesight got hairspray, spray and other chemicals are safe.

If a dog has watery eyes, excessive tearing, wool under the eyes gets wet, you can try to deal with the problem on their own.To do this, gently wipe the eye movement of the individual fleece to the nose.For this purpose, it can be used as special equipment and solutions furatsilina, boric acid, chlorhexidine, potassium permanganate, chamomile broth.

If the flow in the dog's eyes, and home remedies do not help within 3-5 days, you need to seek help from the vet.

When to see a specialist

The dog watery eyes.What if washing does not help?In some cases, without a visit to a specialist is necessary.Only a veterinarian professional help to avoid serious problems and complications.

Contact your veterinarian if:

- the dog red eyes and tears a few days, in spite of washing;

- thick discharge from the eyes;

- allocation is not transparent, and green, brown or yellow;

- dog uncomfortable, trying to rub your eyes paws;

- dog squints, blinks constantly, often turning a blind eye;

- eyes dull, dull, without luster;

- you notice that your pet has deteriorated vision.

These symptoms suggest that lacrimation caused no exposure of the stimulus (dust, smoke, wind, etc. D.) And the onset of the disease.Such pathological phenomena can be caused by conjunctivitis, distrihiazisom, distemper.Only a veterinarian after examining the animal can find out the exact cause watery eyes and prescribe effective treatment.

Carefully follow the recommendations of a veterinarian, the dosage and duration of treatment.If time does not pay attention to the first symptoms of the disease and to run its course, the treatment is more complex and prolonged, and vision pet can be ruined forever.

eye injury

For active dogs eye injury is not uncommon.Penetrating injury may occur as a result of a fight with another dog or a cat, a dog may come across a protruding branch or cut yourself on the grass.Such damage may be invisible at first - on the eyeball is a small dent.Then the eye begins to become inflamed, thicken, swell.A dog can not open it, there is tearing, festering.This situation is very dangerous!

Independently dog ​​can not help is needed immediately consult a veterinarian - specialist ophthalmologist or general practitioner.What you need to do before visiting the vet?Most importantly - do not let the dog scratching your eyes.In order to reduce the pain, drip novocaine solution (2%).If you can not turn to the vet immediately, then drip eye drops with antibiotics.These measures are not a cure!When eye injury should contact a veterinarian as soon as possible (within a day) and to fulfill all its requirements, otherwise the animal will lose vision.

flow, but not tears

The dog watery eyes?There are many diseases that cause discharge from the organs of vision.Selections may not always be clear, resembling tears.If a dog has watery eyes and at the same time highlight the thick, white, green, brown, eyelids stick together after a night's sleep - immediately contact your veterinarian!This demonstrates the major infectious diseases of different nature.In this case it is better to consult a specialist, who will be able to establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment.

After reading this article you will be able to determine why the dog watery eyes, what should be done and whether you need to see a doctor.It is important to understand that the problems with the organs of vision can not be run, or a long period of inactivity, without consulting a specialist self can lead to serious problems and even complete loss of vision.