Remember the best classical works to help their summary : Gogol , " Enchanted Place"

Tale "enchanted place" - is one of the stories NVGogol from the cycle "Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka."It weaved two main motives: bullying devils and obtaining the treasure.This article provides a brief summary.Gogol, "enchanted place" - a book that was first published in 1832.But while it is not known for certain creation.It is believed that this is one of the earliest works of the great masters.Brush up on all of its highlights.

Gogol, "enchanted place".The main characters of the work

• Santa.

• Chumaky (traders).

• grandchildren grandfather.

• daughter-grandfather.

Summary: Gogol, "Enchanted Place" (entry)

This story took place long ago, when the narrator was a child.His father, taking one of the four sons, went to sell tobacco to the Crimea.The farm remained three children, their mother and grandfather were guarding Bashtan (garden, seeded watermelons and melons) from intruders.One evening they drove past a cart with traders.Among them were many friends of his grandfather.After meeting, they rushed to kiss and remember the past.Then the guests lighted tube went refreshments.It was fun, let's go to dance.Santa also decided to revive old and show Chumak that dancing till now it is not equal.Then the old man began to do something unusual.But this is already tell the next chapter (its summary).

Gogol, "enchanted place".Developments

Separated grandfather, but once reached the cucumber beds, his legs suddenly stopped listening.He is the auction, but just no use.Behind the laughter was heard.He looked back, and behind him there is none.And the place is around unfamiliar.Before him lies a bare field and the side of the forest, from which sticks out some long pole.For a moment it seemed to him that it is the threshing floor clerk and a pole, from rising above the trees - a dovecote in the garden of the local priest.Around his dark, the sky is black, no month.I went to my grandfather on the field and soon came across a small road.Suddenly caught fire in front of light on one of the graves, and then went out.Then the lights went elsewhere.Our hero was delighted, thinking that it is a treasure.He regretted only that he had no spade is now."But it does not matter - thought my grandfather.- It can be a place to notice anything. "And he found a large branch and threw it on the grave, which was burning flame.Having done this, he returned to his Bashtan.Only it was too late, the children were asleep.The next day, without telling anyone, and taking with him a spade, I went to the old Popov unruly garden.But the trouble - now these places he did not recognize.There dovecote, so there is the threshing floor.Grandfather turn: the field is, and pigeon disappeared.He returned home with nothing.And the next day, when the old man, determined to dig up a new ridge on Bashtanov, hit the shovel to the place where he was not to dance suddenly changed the picture in front of him, and he was in the field, where he saw the lights.Our hero was delighted, ran to the grave, seen them before.It was a large stone.Discarding his grandfather decided to sniff snuff.Suddenly someone sneezed on him heavily.The old man looked around and no one else.I take it to dig the grave and dug up the boiler.He was very happy and said: "Ah, there you are, my dear!" These same words piped from a branch of a bird's head.And her bleat from a tree sheep's head.Because boron looked bear roared and the same phrase.No sooner had the grandfather said new words as he began to repeat the same faces.Scared old man grabbed the pot and took to their heels.That happened to hapless hero farther below will tell the next chapter (its summary).

Gogol, "enchanted place".Ending

A grandfather's house had enough.We sat down for dinner, but it is not.After the meal, the hostess went to the garden to pour slops.Suddenly, she saw as she climbs toward a barrel.She thought it was someone's joke, and poured slops straight at her.But it turned out that it was my grandfather.The boiler, which he brought with him, and squabbles were just rubbish.Since then, the old man swore not to believe a hell, and damn place in his garden hedged fence.They said that when this field is hired by local melons Chumakov on this piece of land grew, God knows what, and even it was impossible to make out.

more than half a century ago, I wrote Nikolai Gogol "enchanted place".Summary it stated in this article.Now it is no less popular than many years ago.