Compass 3d - Computer-aided design three-dimensional model

In this article we will look at the main features of computer-aided design of three-dimensional models, which combines impressive functionality, ease of development and ease of operation.With the help of functional KOMPAS-3D can create surface and solid models.Since the product combines the unique properties, the compass has managed to buy the program has a large number of developers, architects, engineers, designers and other professionals working in instrument-making and machine-building industries.

distinctive feature of this software is that its full functioning enough computer with minimal performance and pre-OS family Windows Xp, Vista, 7. The software works with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating system, which further enhances the prospect ofCompass 3d v13 buy.

The system KOMPAS-3D The 13th version includes 4 modules, one of which is the base, and the rest correspond to certain industries: building, instrument-making and machine-building.In each individual case 3d compass can be bought for a different amount of money.

In comparison with the earlier version, even basic functionality of the system was finalized.Now a universal graphics editor KOMPAS-Graphic can save the style of drawing with all specifications and line styles, hatches and other settings.Oddly enough, but this price 3d compass has not changed significantly.

also observed changes in the mode of two-dimensional design, which was introduced a special edit mode and adds the ability to work with a macro without their destruction.Now an engineer has the ability to add new items or set of characteristic points that allow to rotate the macro.Taking into account all of the above may be noted that on the compass 3d v13 price is set quite acceptable, as well as on other versions of the software.

Now the software provides the user with an extended list of powers for the destruction - there is a possibility of their use for almost all elements, starting with the symbols and finishing tables.Advent features fast printing greatly facilitate the work of users who previously had to deal in the preview mode and carry out a manual correction settings.

mode, 3D-modeling, the user can supplement the sketch of any picture that actually gives him the opportunity to improve the realism of the model by assigning surface texture for bodies.

Of particular note is the technology MinD - Intelligent design, which takes into account the "smart" objects and properties under development combines the simplicity of two-dimensional design and three-dimensional visualization.This functionality greatly facilitates the work with all the specialized applications KOMPAS-3D displays and quality control to a new level.