Internal Server Error or Error 500

To establish the reason for the 500 error occurs, check the logs.Perhaps in the error.log file has a record that points to the cause of problems.Consider the most common options.

lack of resources

If this is the case, the problem is solved very simply - contact
hosting-provider to increase resources.

Have inoperative or scripts a limited time on their performance.

If within a certain period of time, which is often a minute, the server can not handle scripts, then an error 500 Internal Server Error.

Also webmasters can encounter such errors if they run CGI-script from the Apache, when the time specified in the server settings is not enough to perform the script.

if the script had previously worked, and problems have emerged, such as when moving to another hosting, the problem may be caused by other reasons.For example, because the server requests being blocked.

errors fielding permission

of the right to file must be equal to 444 or 644. CHMOD for folders should not differ from 755, ie, they can view only the owner of the resource.Access rights to the scripts must be labeled as 600. Otherwise, the server, for security reasons, blocking access to the script, even if it is operational.

If the reason that there was an error 500, this use FTP-manager to change the permissions.With these functions copes Filezilla.

The .htaccess file contains unsupported directive

Check whether there is at the root of the website or anywhere else, the file .htaccess.If there is one, open it with any text editor.You can use Notepad.

500 error can occur if you are using a server running on suPHP, iesupports php.ini.If the .htaccess file contains directives, modify PHP-environment, there may be a problem.The most common directives - php_admin_flag, php_flag and php_value.

often as instructions are included global variables - Register Globals.

This problem is solved very simply - unwanted parameters can be simply removed.Another option - comment them by adding the # sign at the beginning of the line.Between the grid and the name of the directive must be a blank space.

If you must perform the commented parameters, they can register in php.ini.This use php_admin_flag, php_flag and php_value not necessary - just label them according to the principle: "the name of the desired parameter = On".

Fatal Error PHP

This problem may occur if PHP works on the principle of CGI.In this case, you need to carefully check the code, diagnose and correct errors.Please note that the closure lines CGI-script should not be in the format Vindous (\ r \ n), and should be designated in the format of UNIX (\ n).

If none of the proposed solutions do not eliminate the error, contact your host.He explained in detail when and what actions after the error occurred 500. asked to specify the reasons for the problems and to assist in its removal.If the hosting provider is not able to determine why the error occurred http 500 Internal Server Error, please contact support CMS, you are using.In a letter to be sure to include all the details, including- Comments hosting provider regarding your situation.