What sweets can be eaten with weight loss and how much?

Among the great variety available today and not very popular diets, each is free to choose the one that suits him most (but no harm will still hold more consultations with a dietician).However, many a sweet tooth, sitting on a diet, face the problem of what kind of candy you can eat for weight loss.Just do it without them is extremely difficult.But the question of what to replace sweets with weight loss, may be interested in what is called a long time.Only when the whole mood on the process should try to follow the instructions clearly enough.Then the effect will not take long, and the extra weight flee.

Sweets for weight loss.What you can and can not eat?

As you know, in the world of cooking, there are useful, so-called harmful sweets.Let's try to deal with you more in this rather difficult question.

Of course, when a low calorie diet can not eat this kind of sweets like cakes, muffins.They have a large amount of easily digestible carbohydrates, typically contain large amounts of sugar and other harmful very nutrients.But here, again, the whole thing in cooking recipes.It was possible to make, for example, fruit cake sweet honey-based.It would not be harmful to a minimum, although there is still enough and calories.About recipes cooking delicious sweets available in the diet, talk a little bit later.Now we go through the product that is quite tasty and reasonable substitutes for the usual pastries and cakes.So, the most useful sweets for weight loss.Top- "Seven" - to your attention.


about enormous benefits of this product for the human body is written a lot of articles.Eat a diet it is not only possible, but necessary.So, for example, there is even a special diet for honey lemon water solution when food is not used more than anything.Effect - amazing.Reset not only superfluous kgs almost a week, but also rejuvenates the whole body, improving metabolism, and do not want to eat.And all because honey contains almost the entire periodic table, a lot of vitamins and enzymes.Doctors, nutritionists recommend a diet to eat in a day a couple of tablespoons of the product, saying that this in no way reflected in the figure.Yet honey used to be observed and a certain caution, especially those who really believes calories eaten per day.Because honey is comparable to caloric sugar!More on what to look for, it's the fact that honey is sure to be fresh, not cooked, and not artificially made.When heat treatment and preservation of the factory by the most useful properties of escapes, there is only high calorie.And why preserve?Everyone knows that the real good honey can not be saved in the refrigerator, in the pantry for years!You also need to take a proven product from beekeepers, if you take it from the hands.Because many unscrupulous manufacturers, private traders added to honey or sugar solution fed themselves bees sugar, which also reduces the quality of honey, with, of course, increasing productivity.


Even some sweets for weight loss can be used without any harm?Of course, doctors recommend eating dried fruit.They can act as an excellent substitute for biscuits and chocolates, a sweet tooth so beloved of all ranks and suits.In addition, processed and dried properly, they can be stored a long time without compromising the usefulness of the product.What can we offer especially as the most accessible as food when dieting?Dried apricots, raisins, prunes, of course, first and foremost.These dried fruits are useful for the heart, and digestive system.They contain large amounts of minerals and vitamins.Doctors recommend eating them raw.If you are afraid of germs, you can pour over boiling water, but do not boil!In an extreme case - compote cook, but then a lot of useful data will disappear from the candy.The second coming of dried apples and pears and berries.They can also be adequately supplemented with a list of what you can eat sweets for weight loss.It is a pity that many people prefer to have them in all kinds of compotes.The process of boiling somewhat reduces their vitamin value.So if you feel the approach of famine, instead of a sandwich or eat a few biscuits suhofruktin.And it is useful, and cause it to lose the feeling of hunger and cravings for sweets quench.

Fresh fruits

Many of them resemble the taste of sweetness.So instead of taking a banana cake, we purify and eat.Sweet pears and apples, apricots and peaches, pineapples and oranges - they all belong to the list of allowed some sweets for weight loss.But we should not forget about the compatibility of products and their caloric content (for those who are counting calories).All is good in moderation.If you eat in one sitting a couple of kilos of grapes or oranges - a slight indigestion provided, and even the diathesis.


There are constant debates among dietitians about whether it is possible to include chocolate in the list of "Dietary sweets."When losing weight, you can eat it, but at the minimum level.Of course, chocolate is good for the heart and blood vessels.Ancient Indians invented the "chokolatl" - a ritual drink, introducing a special state, does not suggest the presence of sugar in it.So that the product must be "correct", with high cocoa content and low - sugar.Now even the available options - absolutely no sugar.It is also necessary to remember that chocolate is very high in calories, so the daily intake should not exceed 30 grams.If you eat right all the tiles (100 grams), it can cause a severe blow to the body.Even better on a diet limited to only 10-15 grams of product per day.

Marshmallow and pasta

But they also need to be properly prepared - without dyes and preservatives (better hostess to make the most of their home).Marshmallow contains pectins, deducing from the gut and the body fat surplus.Without the presence of pectin, this sweetness becomes useless and not recommended when dieting.


Oddly, but in the list of "What sweets can be eaten with weight loss" is turned on and marmalade.This sweetness also contains pectin derived from fruits.However, it is better to do it yourself, because, as a rule, those colorful and sweet candy, which are sold in stores in a box, nothing to do with this jelly does not have.We should not forget about the amount of food consumed.On the day allowed no more than 25 grams of treats.

Some additions

Among all of the above - only the most common products are allowed, subject to diets.It substitutes some sweets, by virtue of their taste preferences may include, for example, germinated seed, sweet soy milk, licorice root and other natural and less tasty food.The whole point is in the taste.And everyone is free to choose himself a substitute for sweets.However, there are also special products produced without sugar.

Sweets on fructose diet

As a rule, the data for the production of sweets for diabetics using fructose instead of glucose.Of course, such a substitution and reduced calorie, sweet and harmful to the body (especially if a specific disease).However, sweets for diabetics to lose weight should not be used too often to people with diabetes, sugar replacing fructose, because this component is also very nutritious.And the intake of increased doses of it leads to the formation of fat (which is why in some diets are not recommended to eat plenty of fruits that contain fructose).What one good thing can be harmful to others!


theme about what sweets you can eat for weight loss will not be fully disclosed without cooking.So, finally, as promised, a few simple in execution, but slozhnosostavnyh candy that can be eaten when dieting.Remember quantities!Do not eat, even if you really want the whole cake at a time.The rate of consumption - in accordance with your chosen diet.

Fruit cake

Ingredients: half a liter of natural bioyoghurt, a couple of spoons of honey, 50 grams of gelatin, a couple of bananas, few kiwi (but it is possible in principle to use any berries and fruits that exist in the refrigerator), natural fruit juice.

gelatin is dissolved in hot water and set aside to cool slightly.We cut the peeled fruits (berries cleaned from seed).We spread nicely into the prepared glass or silicone mold, deep enough.From juice and gelatin make jelly.We wait until harden in the refrigerator, cut into cubes (can be different from the juice to make cubes of different colors).Pieces decompose over the fruit in the container.Yogurt and gelatin also make jelly.Give cool slightly and pour the white mass of the pieces of fruit jelly cubes and juice.Put in the fridge to frost.It turns a great sweetness, quite the allowed in the diet.


This is the most useful kind of sweets for weight loss were familiar, perhaps even our great-grandmother.In spite of the sacred religious meaning dishes you can prepare for everyday food as a substitute for a great cake.And it is very easy to do: boil wheat (or rice - a couple of bags), add nuts (half cup peeled walnuts) and honey (a couple of big spoons) with a handful of steamed raisins.Amazing turns sweet!