A plane crash in Russia.

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TV always says that Russia is a leader in the number of air crashes.We are ahead of even the most underdeveloped countries.Why do they happen?Why, as a rule, we did not learn about the causes of the disaster?The notorious human factor will leave for "excuses" to representatives of the airlines.

Everyone knows that the old technology will sooner or later fail.And as airlines loud shout that they are not to blame, the aircraft was serviceable, good fuel, the board processed vycheschena band, the weather is normal, but still, unfortunately, the plane crashes.After a long search for the flight recorders (black boxes), decode, conjecture.Yes Yes.Hypotheses It!How to tell, you know, or found in a pile of melted metal on which the cause of the fault, the plane fell?Now, with regard to the human factor.I have a lot of questions!

1. Why cockpit is still not equipped with on-line cameras, which would be passed on to the ground everything that happens in the cockpit and take readings of devices?It is clear that a simple recorder, then no assistant, it will burn during the accident.But online traslyatsii very much helped in the investigation.Whether pilots behaved like a good resort Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov, then it really summed up the technique, because the readings are taken, too ... By the way, these cameras would not have prevented and in the cabin.And for the rowdy, or, God forbid, a terrorist, we are forced to watch with mobile phone cameras.

2. Everyone has seen horrific footage of the crash in Kazan.But it took off a surveillance camera, which, for sure, hanged, in order to remove the crime.WHY these cameras do not hang on every lamp runways?Why are they not on poles, or at worst, the trees (the same traffic cops hung on the trees to catch the offender) in blizlezhayshih suburbs to the airport?They have also helped to consider how to behave at the time of the fall of the plane and crash.

3. Why in the preparation of the aircraft to take off in it (preparation) is not attended by representatives of the receiving airport?In his presence at the airport of departure technicians hardly will have a desire to do anything to chance.When we check your car before a long journey, we do not expect to chance because ...

4. Recently viewed ammerikanskuyu transmission, about the fact that their crews are trained not only to the ability to control the aircraft, formation flying, but also the psychological atmosphere in the crew.It said about a catastrophe, where the commander of the crew listened to the co-pilot and flight engineer, ignored the obvious instrument readings, and was busy with his thoughts.A device shows zero fuel.He nevertheless decided to make the second round.As a result, fuel pumps grabbed the air, the engine stalled and the plane crashed.Maybe it's time to open such courses and at our airports?By the way, the plane crashed with our hockey team, is also the commander and co-pilot for a few seconds before the fall of arguing ...

background information on this subject very much, but I did not find any answers to their questions.Perhaps someone they seem far-fetched and silly, but that's my question, and I ask them.So why did the crash happen?If anyone has the answers gladly listen and draw conclusions.