What is a 500 Internal Server Error?What to do if you saw an inscription 500 Internal Error Server (YouTube)?

It often happens that during the use of the Internet there are different errors.The most common among them is the so-called "Error 500" or "500 Internal Error Server".

causes of error Internal Error Server

  1. When .htaccess files used illegal construction, which can not run on a particular host.Very often, such an error may occur in the event that you use the instructions from the Russian Apache.
  2. If the script is too long.At the time of the script function and limitations of web server.For example, if the Web server has not received a response from the script within one minute, then the server will assume that the script is "floating" and forced to finish his work.
  3. If the script wants to get much more memory than is possible under the given tariff.If the script needs more memory, the Web server also forcibly close it.
  4. If the extension PHP, which are included in the control panel are not compatible with each other.
  5. In addition, the error 500 Internal Error Server occurs if the Web server can not interpret or recognize the HTTP-headers.

Why even 500 error may occur and how to fix it?

Of course, most of the error 500 Internal Error Server (YouTube and other sites) appears if an incorrect syntax .htaccess file or if the file were unsupported directive.In this case, to correct this error and bring all back to normal, you need only to spend commenting on the so-called directive "Options".To do this, simply put in a "grid" (#) at the beginning of the line - your problem will disappear and the error 500 appear on the server will be no more.

But it also happens that 500 Internal Error Server (youtube and other sites) appears for a different reason.This can be mainly if it is wrong to contact scripts CGI, although this is rare.It is important to remember that at the end of his line shall have the recording format is not Windows, and UNIX, which is more suitable for a correct interpretation of the web server.In order to not get an error, you need to CGI scripts uploaded to your server via FTP to ASCII mode.It is also often the case that the response operation CGI-script form abnormal HTTP-headers.If this happens, then this problem can be solved very easily, simply refer to the error-log.

Error 500 "YouTube"

Recently, the site "YouTube" is updated and changed so often that most of its users, rather than to spend pleasant moments here are increasingly seen at the entrance to the site so-called error500. Many popular sites stop working and get 500 Internal Error Server (YouTube is no exception to the rule).So what do you do in that case?After all, you just want to enjoy the site, and do not encounter problems."500 Internal Server Error YouTube" can be solved this way: try to clean cookies and your problem will likely be resolved by itself.If this does not work, then you just need to be patient and wait for the site workers will solve their problems themselves.

Many say that the error 500 Internal Error Server YouTube appears because of the crash, but it is not so.Lately, nothing in such reputable sites like this one, have been reported.Of course, any change could lead to unpleasant consequences, but they tend to be quickly resolved.