Lilac cuisine: especially the use of lavender shade in the interior

purple flowers - this is an unusual beauty and unique charm.With it, you can bring in an interior atmosphere of mystery and magic.In most ethnic cultures lilac confer magical qualities used in rooms for meditation and committing various rituals.Psychologists say that this shade is able to restore emotional balance and improve efficiency.Another feature of the color that it soothes and reduces appetite.

Lilac kitchen will make your life brighter than usual.People having sophisticated taste will appreciate all the features of this unusual color.

Features lilac shade

  1. kitchen in purple flowers will look easily and gently.With this solution it is possible to achieve color sensation of floating in space.
  2. The most successful is the use of delicate shades of colors: they are able to help relieve fatigue and tension that a person has accumulated over a hard working day.
  3. If you decided to use rich shades of purple cool tones, it is necessary to dilute them with warmer colors (pastel, cream).So you get a soft and cozy interior.
  4. Although purple color and is considered to be a more "friendly" than purple, but when used in interior design, you must be careful.Set this color inspire culinary new "exploits" and completely purple kitchen can, on the contrary, to suppress energy.
  5. those who are watching their figures, muted lilac tone will help reduce appetite.In addition, pale lilac tone is popular among connoisseurs of luxury and refinement.
  6. If you do not dilute the rich purple color is more subtle shades of the cold range, it will evokes nostalgia.
  7. Before you opt for one or another shade of lilac, consider the size of the kitchen.When a small area of ​​the kitchen facilities give preference to lighter tones: they are visually narrow space.If the area allows, you can be guided by its taste, but to overdo it with this color is not necessary.

What colors combined lilac?

designers do not recommend combining several shades of lilac.The kitchen will look advantageous, if combined with light neutral colors such as white and gray.Lilac kitchen in the style of "high-tech" and "minimalism" will look original if you use a combination of white with purple.It is advisable and adding a combination of metallic.

Create an atmosphere of coziness and romance is possible, if combined lilac tone with green or cream.Lilac kitchen will look good if it is diluted with a pale gray, brown, and pink.To add freshness room, then combine this color with pink and pale blue.Glamorous your kitchen will be through a combination of lavender color with white, black, pink and silver tone.You will be called daring, if you use your kitchen a bright purple color.

Kitchen purple flowers in different design directions

Before you consider how to use the lilac color in a particular design style, recall that if you are the owner of a large kitchen, you can not limit yourself to use basic colorbut if the kitchen is tiny, the number of bright colors should be greatly reduced.This can be done as follows:

  • partially decorate the facade of furniture;
  • use decorative details of the shade;
  • walls painted in bright purple tone.

So now consider how it will look lilac color in the interiors of different styles.

  1. Lilac kitchen in the style of "high-tech" would look well, if you combine it with glass, chrome elements.And he set to be ultra-modern, with a glossy, plastic or acrylic facade.
  2. style of "minimalism".Name of this direction is already clear that it involves the use of a minimum of furniture, decor and colors.Regarding the latter, it is better to use two or three colors, you can play on the contrast: combining a bright purple color with black, red and purple.
  3. "modern" style involves the use of light colors - white, green and yellow.
  4. Style "Vintage" also welcomes the light, neutral colors will look good pastel colors.

finishing facilities

kitchen in purple tones require light frame.It will be beneficial to look in any direction of the design.If the kitchen is a place that morning should inspire you to feats of labor, the lilac headsets should be complemented with bright shades.The best would be to use red and pink flowers.

Wall Decoration

  1. If you are the owner of a small kitchen, it is for the walls is best to use white color: it visually expand the space.Fans will appreciate the combination of home comforts with beige walls and lavender set.
  2. art lovers romance like this combination as the pastel pink walls and purple kitchen.The design of the room will look truly magical.Unfortunately, this approach does not appreciate men.
  3. Lilac kitchen on light green background - a very bold decision.Suitable extraordinary personalities who love bright creative solutions.
  4. coral color of the walls can also be called a very unusual decision, but apparently it will look spectacular.
  5. Pistachio color, combined with lilac doing very calm kitchen.Prices for suites in this color do not differ from the kitchen furniture in other colors.Typically, the cost of them depends on the material and dimensions of the future set.

floor finish

  1. wooden floor bright colors - a good solution for the kitchen lilac.Prices for this decoration material can not be called affordable.But you can find cheaper wood.
  2. flooring in shades of lilac and a winning goal.
  3. White floors although impractical, but combined with a lilac suite looked perfect.
  4. Suit and glossy black floors to lilac headset.This combination looks very stylish, luxurious, it will underline the exquisite taste of the owners.

Finishing the ceiling for a ceiling material is best to choose shades of white.The combination of lavender headset and beige, cream, pastel orange and yellow kitchen will add comfort and warmth.