Safety in construction: to be or not to be?

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Some of the statistics

In construction, as in any other field, has its own, the legislation-written documentation for safety.And it created not only for employers but also for employees.It is not surprising, because the statistics of injuries and deaths on construction sites for the year 2012 is still frightening: more than 300 cases!It is worth noting that 98 of them have occurred precisely because of non-compliance with safety regulations.General calculations show us that the dead were about two hundred and seriously injured - more than one hundred and eighty.This suggests that the industry is becoming commonplace negligence.It follows a number of issues that may arise before the accident or after.

Safety in construction

Unfortunately, not always knowing the provisions of safety protects from accidents.However, to know them is imperative.A summary of the rules below, - a commitment not only builders, but also employers, who do not want excesses.

golden rule - "Do not have the water, but keep in reserve sand»

and distribute it to all construction sites.The arsenal in a prominent place should be sand, shovel, hook and, of course, a fire extinguisher.It is important that the employer held a briefing on safety, in other words, showed where things are.

no doctor, but with first-aid kit!

Safety in the construction includes a first aid kit as the mandatory attribute.And it must be first aid equipment such as bandages, cotton wool, adhesive tape, iodine, ammonia, brilliant green, rubber band, as well as a remedy for burns.For preventing various infections should have antibacterial agent.

protection against elektropovrezhdeny!

Safety in building states that you can not touch a faulty electrical appliances, exposed wire.Work gloves must be in a stable position.This means - before the work is necessary to check all the plugs, cables and tools.As a complement to this - it is clear, it would seem, even for small children the rules: use cutting in "on my own", sharp objects in the pockets do not put.Each employee should always be available all the funds individually.Protection for builders is no better than the glasses, headphones, ear membrane protecting against the negative effects of excessive noise, protective sleeves and knee pads, and gauze masks or respirators.

Responsibility for failure to comply with safety standards

consequences of violating the rules could be administrative, criminal, disciplinary and material penalties.Builders criminal penalties do not apply - this is the responsibility of the sites, etc.In case of injury on the job an employee is entitled to receive compensation from the employer.In addition, in the case of long-term disability, disability affected employer can be convicted under the Criminal Code.Safety in construction, more specifically, the consequences for the employer in the event of non-compliance with these rules and injury of workers, also provides for the payment of moral damages, payment of hospital, nursing home, if necessary.