Horoscope of compatibility: male Cancer and Taurus woman

Cancer and Taurus are the elements of water and earth.This alliance is considered quite promising.It is a good mix of male cancer + girl Taurus.Compatibility of their estimated above average.However, in such a relationship is not explosive passions and emotions, but this pair is not required.Everything looks calm and sedate.Partners will behave as politely, patiently and somewhat detached in relation to each other that an outside observer can take their relationship beyond ordinary friendship.But there it was.Just the representatives of these signs do not like to show emotion in public, something to show and prove to other people.Alone, they behave very relaxed and can be very emotional.Cancer and Taurus - a union that can not be called perfect, but good and strong it can be safely assumed.Partners tend to live together happily for many years, subject to compromise on some issues.

Relationships and conflicts

Cancer and Taurus are both trying to think through their steps in detail.They are not prone to the rapid adoption of important decisions and therefore may fluctuate before committed a serious act.Because of this attitude in this pair do not differ swiftness.Man-Cancer loves a calm environment and is committed to privacy, although not shy and noisy companies.Lady Taurus, like the majority of Earth signs, quite sure of herself, so do not seek to win the attention of the opposite sex.She does not like empty dreams and dreams.This woman committed to specific objectives and sets clear objectives.It makes practical steps to achieve the desired.In a couple of Cancer and Taurus are possible quarrels and conflicts.But that will never happen in humans.Earth woman in a quarrel never pleads wrong and so the first will not tolerate.It will simply ignore a partner, proudly turning the other way.Male Cancer can revel in its long "luck" and "unlucky" to spare his person and be sad.Therefore, he did not go first to reconcile, as it will be too busy with the above matters.Because of this, as a rule, these bursting promising relationship, sometimes even at the beginning.At the same time the partners are experiencing a lot of pain because of the separation.However, still bring himself and the first to meet another one of them can not.

Pros and secured the success of the union

Cancer and Taurus - a couple whose happiness depends on mutual compromise in conflict situations.Moreover, the initiative should be two.What unites them is actually quite a lot.And a man and a lady-Cancer-Taurus love life and equip crave comfort.They both want to create a strong family and raise children.Family values ​​and happiness of loved ones are priorities for both partners.Therefore, in these issues there is full agreement.If you do not build a relationship on mutual grievances, conflicts solved by compromise and try to treat each other with understanding, before this pair of new horizons that will make her life rich, colorful and bright.Cancer and Taurus - wonderful parents and educators.In such families children always live well and comfortably.They grow up smart and prudent, because the mother and father are making great efforts for their education and training.Man-Cancer is more quick-tempered and prone to resentment and anger than the Taurus.However, the cold prudence and serenity ladies will be put out such negative manifestations.To this union was a happy, partners need to get rid of pride and personal ambition or send them to the benefit of the family.They should try to sort things out quietly to avoid insults and innuendo.Horoscope Taurus and Cancer 2013 promises pair of agreement and understanding.