Something about the Japanese business etiquette

Business Ethics business from the Land of the Rising Sun is significantly different from the rules and norms of behavior of the representatives of the business world of the West.
Japanese during the conversation can nod your head a few times, but this does not mean that he fully agreed with you.A nod of the Japanese - a sign that he understood the meaning of what was said.
If you go to a Japanese company, which previously had a business relationship with a written offer to bargain, you probably will not answer.The local businessmen prefer a personal meeting with a potential partner.
to establish business relations with you are interested in Japanese company appropriate to use widespread in Japan, the practice of dating through intermediaries.Then a Japanese partner will not consider you as a complete stranger his face and listened very carefully to your suggestions.For services rendered, the mediator will expect compensation in one form or another, since Japan has a solid balance sheet generally received and services provided (and gifts).Compensation can be both financially and in the form of counter services.

In dealing with the Japanese are of great importance business cards.They play a role of original "identity", which in addition to the name, surname and position indicated the most important for the Japanese - belonging to any company or organization.The latter determines its position in society.Anyone acquainted with the Japanese business begins with a mandatory exchange of business cards, so when dealing with the Japanese always need to bring a sufficient number of cards.

great importance attaches to intensive communication was conducted between people who have approximately the same position in the business world and society.
Japanese "high" ("yes") is not so much to agree with the words of the interlocutor, but the fact that the transmitted information received adequately, and shows the willingness to listen and understand the partner.
The same applies to the expressions of denial.The Japanese are trying to avoid an outright refusal to requests or suggestions and prefer allegorical expressions such as "it is very difficult" or "it is necessary to study carefully."
Big role for business partners to communicate while off duty.Serious questions, the discussion of which can cause sharp differences, the Japanese prefer to resolve informally, often in restaurants or bars.It is believed that such an atmosphere, on the one hand, promotes smoothing potential conflicts, on the other - allows more freedom to express true opinions or criticisms of the partner without risking to put him in an awkward position.

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