How can we align the floor at home?

Home comfort is priceless.Anyway, for repair, we will never regret the money.This is especially true for those occasions when you are buying in the secondary market for an apartment or house in which the floors were floored still in very early times.

To align the floor at home?There are several methods that may be suitable for people with a variety of incomes.


This - the most simple and straightforward method.DSP will cost inexpensive, and you can get them in almost every hardware store.What should I do before going to work?

Firstly, if the board of "native" coverage will be quite staggering and curves, you'll need to tweak them, re-fixing on joists.In this case, they will not squeak, and roofed the plate is no longer bend.

Before you align the floor at home, you need to install beacons, in the right places to make the lining of the bars.Be sure all the stages of work, check with the help of a spirit level.Sami chipboard can be fastened with screws.Note that they do not have the cap out of the coating, so it is necessary to twist chamfer cut using a drill of suitable diameter.

Sheets GVL

This method is not as common, but no less relevant.He performed with the help of gypsum fiber sheets.Of course, because of their low strength and a tendency to buckle up the idea of ​​laying on the joists will have to give.

To align the floor at home, in which case you need to use some dry podsypku.Experts say that in such a role rather well established usual concrete block.Before his Coating also need as carefully as possible to fix the board floor, twisting them more self-tapping screws.

Coating make this layer so that it forms a completely flat surface and had a margin of safety for subsidence or compression.Top placed two layers of gypsum fiber board (across each other).Often, they only attach skirting (on the edge of the room), and the seams are sealed with adhesive or sealant.


course, using both methods described above you can align the floor at home, but 100% guarantee of strength, they do not give.One can only cement.Also, if you plan to make floor tiles, you have little choice and no choice.

To do this you need a decent amount of cement and good construction skills, as otherwise your tie is far from ideal.

Note that its thickness should be no less than four centimeters, because otherwise the floor can just crack, unable to cope with differences of coverage.Before you align the tile floor under the screed, must be thoroughly repaired all the cracks and potholes are too large, which can contribute to cost overruns not cheap cement today.


Keep in mind that if you have a relatively flat floor in the apartment or house does not make sense to do screed.If the differences do not exceed three to four centimeters, then what would be wiser to use the technology of self-leveling floors.

Of course, before you align the floors in the apartment this method, you need to properly calculate your budget, because the technology itself is not too cheap.