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In order to get a job in a kindergarten, school, or organization whose activities are directly or indirectly connected with the storage, transportation, food production, the applicant for the position must present a medical book.This document will also require the employer, who heads the agency that provides domestic and public services.And there is quite a logical question: "How to make, and what documents will be required for this? "So, the medical organization is required to provide:

a) an application on a special form;

b) the identity document;

in) 3x4 photograph.

medical records is necessary, as already emphasized in employment in an organization engaged in certain activities.To do this, you must pass a preliminary medical examination.Having all the features and intricacies of how to make and apply this knowledge in practice, in the future you will only renew the document.For prolongation of the medical books employer must send in a medical institution of its employees, who must necessarily be trained in sanitary minimum.Of course, holding these events paid by the employer.At the same time, and for the employee, and his chief question of how to make honey.the book is very relevant, as the workflow to suffer in any case should not.

course, for the fact that the employee took a medical examination and sanitary book itself will have to pay a certain amount.To get the employee, in addition to everything you need to get tested and to undergo additional medical examinations of some "narrow" specialty.Must pass fluorography, get help on that registered in tubdispansere the employee is not a member, general practitioner, to donate blood for syphilis and examined by a dermatologist.Employees involved in the catering, grocery stores sellers must also be tested for helminth infections and intestinal viruses.It is mandatory to get a vaccination certificate.

this procedure for many can become tedious and burdensome for them to be particularly important is how to make faster and cheaper.However, the question of the cost of producing the document remains the same, whether you are accessing the municipal health center or use the services of paid medical institution.

Many want to issue the above document in just one day and think it's real because the service is actively promoted.But that's where to make in a short time, they are often unaware.But they should bear in mind that companies that offer such services, do not give any guarantees about the quality of the survey and medical examination.

In the rush to quickly make "for the money" should be careful, as the very high risk of a common forgery.This fact can be further sufficiently adverse effects in the form of the proceedings of the situation with law enforcement officials.