Documents for a visa to Greece.

Greece is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations.The country is visited annually by hundreds of thousands of citizens who want to visit this "paradise."And this is not surprising.After all, the country's ancient history, rich cultural traditions, original art, beautiful sea climate, abundant sunshine, scenic landscapes, generous hospitality of local people, a colorful ethnic restaurant in Greece creates a kind of a colorful atmosphere.It's all here and attracts many tourists.

necessary visas

Greece is a country that has signed the Schengen Agreement.It is known fact.As a result of this, to visit this country need a Schengen visa to Greece.Documents for its registration must be submitted to the relevant consulate.It can also allow visits to other states, as signatories to the agreements.Currently, many citizens think about exactly which documents are needed for a visa to Greece.This is an important issue for them.After a visa to Greece requires the collection of necessary materials.This further details.

Variety visas to Greece

It is necessary to know.There are four types of document.It's like:

  1. transit visa.There are two types: «A» and «B».
  2. Short.In this case, the type "C".
  3. National.Designate a type «D».
  4. long-stay visa.

Most tourists interested third kind.Namely, under the visa type "C".This category, in turn, is divided into several subtypes:

  • Business.In this case, the trip is meant to address various operational issues of any companies, enterprises or organizations.
  • Tour.For those who had planned to stay in the country at leisure.
  • Guest.It is usually issued to the relatives of the residents of Greece, if they wish to visit friends or relatives.

Necessary documents for a visa to Greece

consider this item in detail.To obtain this visa is necessary at the appropriate consulate or a specific facility to provide the following documents for a visa to Greece:

  • Overseas valid passport having a validity period of not less than 30 days after completion of travel.There is also another condition.It is that we should, together with all the materials to provide photocopies of passports, which had previously been available if they had Schengen visas.
  • profile.It must be filled.This document can obtain the appropriate embassy.But the best option would be filling his house in advance.This form can be downloaded from the Internet, which will require to go to the official website of the Embassy of Greece in Russia.It must be specified in the questionnaire only authentic personal information.You should carefully get to the heart of these issues.Fill in the questionnaire better with a pen with a black paste.Writing should be neat block letters.
  • Two photos.Their size must be 3.5 x 4.5 cm. This is an important condition.They must also be made in accordance with the specific requirements of a given material for a Schengen visa.It is the right person to the location of the photograph, as well as the required background color, and so on. D. All details of these requirements is generally known master in the studio.Therefore, most can not go into all the details, but simply refer to a professional in this regard, he explained that the images should be made for a Schengen visa.It should be remembered that, in accordance with the new requirements, these photos must be in color.
  • copies of pages of your passport, to which there is no information.They should be made qualitatively.
  • If a person is employed, in this case, you must provide a certificate from the employer, which necessarily should specify the position and salary.However, at this point there is a requirement, which is defined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece.It lies in the fact that the salary of the citizens who enter those countries, shall be not less than 20 000 rubles.
  • individual entrepreneur must provide copies of the following documents:
    - certificate of state registration of IP.
    - tax returns.
    - Certificate of registration with the appropriate authority in the community.
  • for unemployed people (students, pensioners, housewives, etc.) need to submit additional documents for visa to Greece (or rather, their copies).This copy studbiletov or pension card and so on. N. Students also must provide a photocopy of a birth certificate.It needs to assure a notary.If they visit the said country without their parents, in this case, you should submit a letter from a sponsor.This will be further described in detail.

for children under 18 years

in this niche need some visas to Greece.The list of documents in the case of special need.Those citizens who had planned a visit to Greece, together with the children, you should gather the necessary materials.If a child is inscribed in the passport of a parent, it allows him not to fill a separate form.It should provide only two photos.They must meet the requirements of generally accepted.It is important to remember.If minors have personal passport, in this case, to compile a complete set of necessary materials.If you plan to visit a minor accompanied by one of the parents is to provide the necessary official permission of the other parent.It must be notarized.It is also at the same time provide a photocopy of a birth certificate.If one of the parents in the passport the child is registered, he also recorded his visa.

Separate registration

There is no big deal.You should know that not only the visa is issued through a travel agency in Greece.Documents yourself in this case can also be prepared.For this to all the above still have to provide a letter from the hotel, which will be confirmed your property.You should also present a health insurance, which should be framed accordingly.In the said letter from the hotel, you must have the official press hotels and signature of the official, the document is issued.

Making health insurance must meet certain requirements, which are established in all Schengen countries.This condition is important.It must be made for the whole period of validity, as well as possess an insurance sum of at least EUR 30 000.

Visa Athos

In this direction, there are some features.Additional materials must provide a visa to Mount Athos.Provided it is academics, teachers, professors, students, and citizens who professionally specialize in such areas as philosophy, history, theology, art history, architecture, art.The maximum expiration date is 4 days.In order to obtain this visa, you must additionally provide a certificate, which confirms a certain kind of activity of the applicant.

Confirmation sponsoring a trip

This is a very significant fact.If a tourist trip to pay another person, you must provide a notarized sponsorship letter.In some cases, it is necessary to provide sponsorship applications from any next of kin.It is written by hand in a certain form.In this case it is necessary to provide an additional certificate from the employer sponsor face.It certainly should be designated position and salary (not less than 30 000 rubles.).It may also be given a photocopy of the passbook sponsor or an extract from his personal account in any Russian bank.However, there is one more condition.It lies in the fact that it is necessary to present copies of documents proving kinship.It is important.It should be remembered that the sponsor can only be one of the closest relatives of persons who apply for the visa.

To travel by car

Some people prefer a visit to the specified country on a personal vehicle.In this case, additional copies should be provided:

  1. data sheet on the car.
  2. driving license.
  3. car insurance.

Visa to Greece: the time and cost

It all depends on the time of collecting the necessary documentation.The minimum term of registration of the said visa is 48 hours.However, this process is usually about 3 days or more.To name the exact date of the visa to Greece quite difficult.Since the collection of the required materials can be delayed not for one day.This fact indicates that it is necessary to plan the trip in advance.The cost of any visa for Greece is 35 euros.

The validity of the document depends on its type.For example, if the single-entry visa, then it opens it at a certain time corresponding to the invitation or reservation in the hotel - for 90 days.Multivisa issued for a period of 0.5-1 years.However, it has certain limitations stay in the territory of Greece.It is that this visa is allowed in the country no more than 90 days within six months.


All this in this text will help everyone in deciding exactly how to implement a visa to Greece.The documents for this process, you can prepare your own or with the help of the respective organizations.