Plan kitchen in a private home.

plan kitchen in a private home - it is much more rewarding than the design space in a standard and a small apartment.Private houses are built mainly on the individual projects, and the design of functional areas can realize the most informal and creative solutions.So, what are the features of spacious kitchens?

Design kitchen in a private home.Which style to choose?

Most often spacious kitchen of country houses can not stand the urban high-tech style, which is more focused on small urban spaces.By the terms of a large cottage ideal natural wood and country, as well as the original style with a variety of ethnic stylized accessories.Classic is also well suited as a stylistic direction in this case is necessary to sustain the zone in bright colors, with the obligatory presence of expensive furniture in a concise outline.


Lighting Design kitchen in a private home will not be without coverage plan.As a rule, in country houses there are enough large and spacious windows, so the work areas for the hostess peripherally well naturally illuminated.In this case, especially when there are high ceilings in the center of the kitchen hung a large chandelier.If above the work surface is no natural light, in any case, do not neglect sconces or spotlights.

Island kitchen - convenient solution

When family members discussed this question, as the layout of the kitchen in a private home, the options of furniture arrangement should imply a convenient location of the working surface for cooking.Also in this area should be carried out unhindered access from any part of the kitchen.In this case, the best option is to design the kitchen island where the work surface is located in the center and numerous lockers, cooking stove, refrigerator, sink and washing machine are built on the perimeter.Thus, the layout of the kitchen in a private home allows a person to move comfortably approach the table from any corner of the room, especially if he or she will spend a lot of time for cooking.

all for the convenience of home cooks

Modern designers are making every effort to facilitate the process of cooking, offering a stand on the table and island cooktop with sink.Such an option would be relevant only if the project is still at the stage of construction of a building to calculate the inlet sewer and water runoff from the pipes to the central area of ​​the room.As you can see, it is quite interesting and can be a practical kitchen in a private home.Various imagination of designers, however, are sometimes limited to project construction, as well as basic communications.But this problem can be solved if all the little things to think in advance.

For the most spacious kitchens

To make the most productive use of the spacious rooms, a little island location of the work area.Generally, in this room, like the kitchen, you can select just three areas:

  • working,
  • dining room,
  • recreation area.

By working, we have defined a place for cooking and food storage.If you have a large space can be singled out zone meal, and sitting area, where appropriate to a soft leather sofa and the wall - an LCD TV.If the layout and interior design of the kitchen in a private house allow to allocate a separate lounge area, then it is quite possible to meet the guests, it is so much easier to hostess to chat with friends or numerous relatives.If this part of the room to be used as a makeshift living room, you can equip the area with upholstered furniture, as well as to build a cozy electric fireplace.Zone meal should be located far away from windows, from which most offer a good view of the scenic beauty.

few words on the floors and ceilings

What materials do a better finish spacious kitchen?If we talk about the flooring, then, of course, in this room practical expedient to lay ceramic tile.Gender should not slide to avoid injury, and cleaning coatings, due to the permanent contamination, should be as fast and comfortable.If you can not put a good tile it is necessary to choose another option that meets the above requirements.Due to the high circulation of the steam and warm air on the kitchen ceiling often settles fat.That is why this part of the premises necessary to finish is easy to clean practical materials.Out of competition in this matter and suspended tile ceilings.Also plan kitchen in a private house should include the hood and ventilation system.

material for furniture

Based on the fact that the kitchen often accumulates moist air and a pair of very irrational decision sees the use of expensive furniture from solid wood.Only with a good ventilation system can be an expensive venture to equip the space design suite.An excellent solution in this case is seen furniture in rustic style.Rude wooden surface like a parade exposes roughness, bumps and knots.And now the cupboard under the sink are not afraid of stains.In addition, this furniture can be painless for the cover design of appropriate impregnation, prevents the penetration of moisture, paints and varnish.

As a form of food affects the location of the furniture?

When we touch on issues such as the interior of the kitchen in a private home (layout, color schemes), first of all we mean the standard rectangular room.However, not all the room in a country house so familiar.Also, there are narrow kitchens, open plan, combined with other living areas, as well as communicating.In passing the kitchen particularly acute issue the correct placement of the drop zone.In this case, such an arrangement is assessed not as a disadvantage.On the other hand, move around the house becomes more comfortable, and the kitchen is transformed into a kind of center of the entire home.By the way, if you want access to the porch and in the yard can be perfectly compatible.

plan kitchen in a private home: the narrow space

Until now we have always talked about the spacious rooms and their zoning.But not all of the owners of country cottages boast a large rectangular or open rooms.In the narrow kitchen it is very difficult to plan something and share functional areas.But even in this case, designers offer ideas for more convenient placement of furniture.Thus, the narrow wall to visually reduce the U-shaped or L-shaped arrangement of cabinets that are best performed on order.For cabinets width of 40 centimeters significantly saves space compared with wardrobes, having a width of 60 cm. Instead of the usual outward opening doors can be ordered sliding.

Features square kitchens

In principle, any difficulties with zoning square room is not the only obstacle to harmony can become a window located not, as might be desired hostess.In this case, possible distortion of space.And the situation will help to correct the lack of curtains and blinds, instead of which make better use of blinds and roller blinds, fastened directly to the frame.Shades square dishes should be calm, the emphasis in the form of bright spots do only one thing.

Features an open space

Open kitchen should not be merged with the adjacent space.Therefore, planning a private country house (as for kitchens) is based on the stylistic space allocation.In this case, a good option is beaten with a bar, as well as the location of the island is welcome.