How do you know who loves you?

How do you know who loves you?Are these feelings of her husband or boyfriend?These issues often occur in girls.Strange this is nothing.However, even a little funny.It is important to realize that a man loves you.Nice to know that the husband or boyfriend sincere in his feelings, even if in love they are not recognized.And how do you know who loves you, unless this is not mentioned?Of course, just a question about the sincerity of feeling constantly ask fail.However, you can understand from the behavior.It, unlike words, can show a lot.

How to show love guys?

signs by which to judge the love from the man, there is quite a lot.It should bring the main features.So, how do you know that you are loved?

  1. man, who are you serious feelings will not stoop to criticism in your address.However, he will not be passing notes, for example, a figure better friend.
  2. How do I know if a guy likes?If so, it will start to take your side in any dispute, regardless of whether you're right or not.In addition, he will do everything possible so that you do not worry.
  3. From loving guy never hear excuses.Even if a man will be extremely constrained in their financial opportunities, he will find a way to please the beloved.
  4. will choose a loving man - watching football or going to the movies with you?Naturally, the second option is selected.Even if the film he does not particularly like.
  5. How do I know whether a man loves?If you freeze in thin gloved hands, he will find a way how to warm them.Even if it will have to give up their gloves.
  6. you get sick or are just in a bad mood?Loving guy will not at this time somewhere else.He will take care of you or make an attempt to laugh.And if you encounter any problems, it will help to solve them.
  7. loving person does not matter what you wear.You bought it in the market or in the company store - for him it does not matter.You're already the best.But if you wanted to buy anything in the company store, he finds a way to such an opportunity appeared.
  8. How do you know who loves you?Sincere in his feelings guy will not rush into intimacy, if you do not want or fear.And if he will hold with you a few nights, it does not grow cold after that.
  9. loving guy never just disappear without saying anything.After all, it is unacceptable that you showed emotion.
  10. review for it plays a huge role.He will not say that there is something you do not understand.And the decision without consulting, will not accept.
  11. How do I know loves a boy?Even at an early age by any means he will try to make you nice.Whatever effort is required from it to.
  12. with loved ones is not ashamed to introduce friends and family.Since it is not shameful to go to the event.However, it is not necessary to wait for the guy to show their feelings in public.All his tenderness and love will manifest itself alone.
  13. guy who likes to always tries to avoid quarrels with his girlfriend.
  14. If he does not come on a date on time, it is already possible to think about the carelessness of his feelings for you.
  15. As if a man really loves, he will be willing to children from his beloved.If she already has a child from his first marriage, he would not treat him biased.He will love it as their own.

How do you know who loves you?These features help to understand the true feelings of your boyfriend, husband.In addition, with the help they can learn about the interest from acquaintances or you liked the man.

How do you know that she loves you?

Lovers people often do not see anything.They are strong enough to sink their experiences.At the same time it lost the ability to adequate reasoning.How do I know who loves you?In the case of young people this question is the most difficult.The reason for this is the lack of understanding of female psychology.Rarely guy can immediately determine exactly how she feels about him.However, sometimes you just need to watch its behavior.And stupid questions while others do not need to ask.

She will constantly talk

Women love is verbose.The consciousness of a girl who is in love, fully occupied with thoughts of a guy.She is unable to think about anything else.While talking with her friends, she has consistently raised the same subject.She tries to talk about his favorite.And even if there are reasons that cause it to hide their feelings, it would still be talking about favorite guy.

How do I know whether she loves?Talking with the pleasant man, she will be the goodwill and attention.It will be interesting to hear what he says.She remembers everything, even the most detail.Is it possible to learn about love by correspondence?Ask a question as to what you're talking a week ago.If she responds immediately, the feeling you are at it.

main signs of true feelings

How do I know who loves you?Important signs of serious sensory include the following points.

  1. praise, which she expressed to the guy.
  2. 's reluctance to discuss their intimate secrets.
  3. bad mood at the moment when the guy talks about other girls.
  4. She laughs at his jokes.
  5. She is genuinely interested in the life of Man.
  6. She has no fear at the time of the discussion of love.
  7. It manifests the confidence of that, what the guy says.
  8. It is divided into a variety of small things with him.

That can be seen in the eyes?

Women's feelings can not be separated from the desire to possess.In the initial stages in a relationship where neither man nor woman can not afford much worth a look in the eye.They act from a position of a magical mirror that displays true feelings.Not allowing yourself to admit it, to touch, to be close all the time, girls just love and enjoy watching, dream about making it noticed the guy you like.

Can I see the love in the eyes?It should look at:

  1. lasting look.Science has been proven that those people who have real sympathy, look no less than 7 seconds.The rest is spent not more than 2.
  2. pupil size.If they are extended, this may indicate the presence of sexual desire, we can cause in people.
  3. nature of the view.If she quickly looks away, she's crazy about the guy.On Love also says constant pursuit eye.

Has her behavior?

Love Girls can work wonders.The first changes occur directly with the representative of the beautiful half of humanity.Lovers girl changed instantly and dramatically.They begin to more closely monitor for your favorite guys.They do not run their appearance.Changes occur inside the girl.How do I know about feelings?It should pay attention to what it has become.Usually the girls love:

  1. rejoice trifles, and cease to be irritated by the fault of the serious problems that arise at home or at work.
  2. lose their appetite or sleep longer.
  3. ready to do crazy things.Usually this manifests itself in a change of image.Sometimes girls are solved and skydiving.
  4. good as that are beginning to attract the majority of men.
  5. ability to work the whole day though, the main thing that was a favorite there.
  6. stopped paying attention to their health and forget about their own habits.

Action by women

If she really loves, it would be:

  1. Trying to touch the guy.Accidentally or special - it does not play a special role.
  2. Worry, blush, smile, get lost in the words.
  3. Trying to flirt, pull the clothes to touch her hair, wear dresses and so cause. D.
  4. Trying to repeat the gestures, movements.

Girls who have dominated the male character can behave with the pleasant guy aggressively indifferent.They can make fun of evil or insult.But they also show many disturbing signs of love.

Are there feelings after breaking up?

You were with her for a while, but decided to leave.The mutual decision was or not - it does not play any role.But time has passed and you have a desire to return the girl.How do you know about her feelings?The easiest way to learn about it by asking directly.Thus it is necessary to explain that you were wrong.You just need to talk.But do not forget about body language.How do you know whether you love?The girl stayed sense if:

  • agrees to talk;
  • oblivious to the invasion of their personal space;
  • allows you to touch personal items;
  • shows any signs of interest.

Do not forget that the body can pass himself off even with a small caress.


How do you know that guy likes?Or maybe you want to know about the feelings from the girl?This review examined the main points that will help determine how to please a man treats you.It is just to show all their care during intercourse with a girl or a guy.If love is there, it will not hide what no attempt would be made.Remember that everything is in your hands!Therefore, observe the behavior and determines the presence of feelings.