Runic formula.

Runes known to mankind since ancient times.Our ancestors used these simple symbols for calling the Supreme Powers, communication with which, according to them, to bring luck, wealth, love of the opposite sex, marital happiness, and so on. D. Today runic put and formulas can also be used successfully to improve their own lives.

What you need to know

to obtain any desired result from the runes is a special formula.Load in a given direction may one character.However, these signs are often used in combination.In this case, they complement and reinforce each other.There is becoming, consisting of both two or three runes, and from the large number of them.

It is important to remember that the runic formulas work cyclically.That is, after your wish will be granted, the formula used for this will start to operate in the opposite direction.Therefore, it is important at this stage to destroy it.Otherwise, all your achievements will be neutralized and brought to naught.

stipulate for runic formulas

To set the direction of action of the runes, after the preparation of the formula above it read specifically stated.Pronounced usually softly - softly.The essence of it is to transfer the runes own desires and saturation of their personal energy.

scheme slander

When drafting the text, spoken of becoming, should follow these rules:

  • first to pronounce the name of the runes.So you like to set a personal connection with them and disclose them.
  • described in detail is the purpose for which, in fact, performed the ritual mark.They expressed it must be very clear and specific.
  • After that indicates the approximate course of promoting it.
  • Then you need to make some adjustments.For example, to understand the runes, how they should act in order not to harm other people.
  • At the final stage once again to pronounce the name of the member becoming the runes.

Below we present you the runic formulas, which reviews from those who have used them are positive.

formula for attracting luck

order to attract good luck into your life, it is best to use the formula "Geylstseyhen."It consists of two characters - double rune Sovulo and Teyvaz (rune of Thor).You can also arrange the order of the runes Ansuz-Laguz-Uruz-Gebo-Óðal-Dagaz.Character received ALUGOD, meaning "good luck through the magic."Well, the most famous formula for success is the combination of Aansuz, Uruz, Hyeres and the Ansuz again.Specify the way out of difficult situations may Fleece Solly - a symbol of victory.About the same strength lies in the sign Dagaz.Energy support has Fleece Vune."The help of the gods" known as a talisman with symbols Ansuz-Mannaz, Uruz.This is capable of becoming very quickly and for a long time to bring good luck to the man.

Formula to attract love

Next, consider what are the runic formula (audited) love.Those women who want to find a partner and start a family, you can make a talisman of the three rune: Gebo, Berkana and Ofala.Gebo, Tuisaz Isa and protect against black love spell.Combining Ansuz-Laguz-Gebo can attract true love, literally "heaven-given."If you need a sexy spell, use the formula Kenaz-Pertro-Naytiz.Think slander these runes and successful relationship or a happy family life are guaranteed.Berkana (a) -Ingvaz - becoming, designed specifically for women.It is also called the seal of Freya, the Scandinavian goddess of love and beauty.Formula-Gebo-Ansuz Ofala is an analog of a Christian wedding.It will need to chart twice.One copy must be kept by the partner, the second - their partner.

What are the formula for attracting money

Using runic formulas, you can bring into your life, not only luck and love, but also money.For example, the combination of Tivaz-sowilō-Ofala very useful to businessmen.It helps to survive the fierce competition.Formula-Fehu-Algiz Algiz protects business, and the combination of Raido-Fehu-Othila attracts cash flow.Written on a piece of paper, a combination of Fehu Berkana-Otala-sowilō and put it in a purse, you ensure yourself a stable cash growth.The formula also Fehu Cano-Gebo-Sovul attract your company a lot of clients.

The above runic formulas for money really can make you rich.Try them and you will see for yourself.


Next, consider some runic formula protection.Very interesting combination is sowilō-Algiz-sowilō or "solar shield".This formula protects them from any and all afflictions.Tivaz-Tivaz-Thurisaz - disposable personal talisman.In the attack on the host it seems to "explode", giving the aggressor curse, and also self-destructs.The combination of Gebo-Algiz-Otala will be writ family in general and children in particular.This formula also protects the speakers.In addition, it can be used to neutralize all sorts of scandals and controversies.Those women who are afraid of love spell, you should use the rune Berkana-Perth Nauthiz.

What runes should be used for the correction of health

Runic formula, proven by experienced magicians intended to get rid of disease, may also be useful to someone.For complex solutions all sorts of health problems, use a combination of Kenaz, Uruz-Ingvaz.People coming up after the operation, it is possible to draw on myself formula Pertro-Ingvaz-Berkan.Very useful it is for pregnant women.Of course, it promotes healing primarily personal positive attitude.Use becoming Vundzho-sowilō Gera and you will feel the joy of life.Among other things, this rune brings depression and relieves suicidal.Very often, this formula is used to get rid of the boredom of dead relatives.Another strong formula - Nauthiz-Berkane-Nauthiz.This combination can heal any disease at any stage of its development.Close the problem of health possible and using the composition of Dagaz-Berkan.Those who want to rejuvenate, should wear a talisman with runes Gera Pertro.

Formula deliverance from enemies

There runic formula designed to restore damage and curses on enemies.Of course, you need to use them as carefully as possible.Before becoming a make and carry out the ritual should think about it.Very strong curse formula is, for example, Mannaz-Hagalaz-Ise.Vundzho-Gebo-Vundzho cause in people a love for extravagance, drinking, smoking and drug addiction.

combinations to communicate with the gods and personal development

above are runic formulas tested, strong and reliable.However, not everything in this life is reduced to the material.Our ancestors were developed by Rune becoming, communicate and help with the higher forces of nature.Unity with them will promote personal and spiritual development.One such combination is Mannaz-Raid-Ansuz.This formula puts you on the right path selected for you light forces of Nature.Becoming Ansuz Kenaz-wearing promotes understanding of higher values ​​and at the same time the existing reality.Symbols Evaz-Mannaz is designed for creative people who want to discover the world.Almost the same effect is Algiz rune-Dagaz-Mannaz.However, they are used to solve this particular problem.

Other useful combinations

There are other runic formulas can vary life and make it happier.For example, the formula Isa Isa Hagalaz protects against errors and helps correct them.Rune sowilō excites human ambition and determination.Formula sowilō Dag-Fehu helps get rid of old and obsolete, as well as reach a new level.Travelers are required to be used with a rune talisman Raid-Eyvaz-Laguz.People wearing it, guaranteed return home unharmed.You can use this composition and to protect the personal transport.Protects the way and the combination of Raid-Gera Gera.However, wearing these symbols should not be too often.Otherwise, you can develop a love for vagrancy.

recover from alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction or any other bad habit or dependence can be using the formula Tivaz-Mannaz-Nauthiz.Becoming a Kenaz-Mannaz with an absolute guarantee to open in wearing any talent.For the development of the mental abilities necessary to use the rune Mannaz-Ansuz.If you put a piece of paper to write in it, Isa-Algiz-Evaz under the pillow, it will guarantee a good sleep.

Where should I apply the formula

The above combination can draw not only on paper.For example, the therapeutic formula is often applied to food or even draw a stick in the water, which is then to be drinking.Security shutters can be painted, for example, to jewelry.Sometimes they even draw a straight body.In this case, they are usually applied to the left side.Runic formula for love, curse, and any other intended to affect innocent people, drawing on itself the right.Security Fixtures applied directly to those items that need to be protected (from damage or theft).Sometimes, as in this case, the runes painted on a piece of paper and put it inside.

cure disease becoming very often applied in the photo.Rejuvenating the runes can be drawn in the jars with cosmetics.Symbols, protecting the home, usually drawn on doors, windows, frames and jambs.

Women are fond of rune magic, are often used to mark those characters embroidery.This approach can be considered to some extent traditional.Our prapraprababushki exactly decorated clothes all sorts of sacred signs.

What items will be needed for the ritual

To runic formulas for money to attract good luck, health, and so the amendment. D. Acted, performed special rituals of their faces.Previously, of course, should be to prepare all the necessary items to create a formula.In this case, during the ritual you will not be distracted and interrupted hurry.So, you will need:

  • plain paper.
  • ballpoint pen.Pre-standing check for serviceability.
  • two candles.
  • chairs and tables.With their use of the work will be much more convenient.
  • wooden ruler.Most of the runes are composed of straight lines.Therefore, this tool can be very useful.Line can be replaced by an ordinary piece of wood.
  • Prefab text agreed.

Before you begin creating formulas should sit a little bit, to relax and get away from all other thoughts.

the ritual

Light the candles.Bent over a sheet of paper and clearly specify himself and for himself the goal you want to achieve.

Take a pen and start drawing the sign.No matter what it is - Runic formula for love, health, success, wealth.In so doing, imagine, as a sign of flying through the universe and transforms it according to your will.Draw the symbol should be smooth and at the same time very fast.You can even pre-workout in his mark.During the creation of the formula as it merges with the sign.Once it is drawn, will focus on its center.Send charge of blue energy at this point and see how it spreads on all lines of the formula.

Capture symbol in your mind and say aloud the words that were prepared.Extinguish candles.

Placement sign

After tracing puts it placed in a place where it will work best.Runic formula protection is usually hung on the neck in a pouch.If it is a protective symbol of the thieves, put it in your car or leave the country.

Legend of runes

Ready runic formula - it is certainly good.However, if you wish, you can make useful for you to set and independently.Of course, this requires, first of all, to know the values ​​of the individual runes.The issue in this article will not be considered, since it is quite extensive.If you wish to find the necessary information you will be able themselves.Next, let's talk a bit about what the runes and where they came from.

Scandinavians have in this regard there is one very interesting legend.The Supreme God is one, deciding to learn the wisdom of the world, once he nailed himself a spear to the Tree of Life.After he hung on it for three days and three nights, he opened up and runes.According to legend, they were inscribed on the earth god broken off branches and stained with his blood.

One himself, according to the myths - the person is not unique.Good or bad it is - this is a common opinion among the Scandinavians not.It considers that the right people and the other gods he holds.But Western Slavs there is another myth associated with Odin.According to legend, several times a year this god with his retinue of dead leaves on the hunt.And woe to anyone who will meet on the way Ghost Rider.In the area where they see a wild hunt alone, then certainly happen some cataclysm or disaster.There are legends and the Germans.

There are also more pragmatic version of the earth where did these strange characters.Some researchers believe, for example, that our ancestors Slavs before appeared Cyrillic, it had Runes.However, this significantly is not known.Most likely, these characters at the same time and carried a magical meaning and used for purely practical purposes, writing letters, documents and notes.

How to make runes for divination

above were considered very strong runic formulas.However, these old symbols can be used not only to change the objective reality.Apply them including in order to predict the future.For the manufacture of runes in the country should cut off a branch (with a diameter of about 2.5-3 cm) of any fruit tree.Then it is cut into uniform pieces approximately 3 cm long. They are, in turn, grind so as to obtain a plate thickness of 1.5 cm. Finished boards treated with sandpaper.Then they need to actually draw or carve runes themselves.

Alignment diamond

scenario, allowing to know the future, there are many.The most simple - a diamond.Runes are laid down on the table signs and stirred.After this take 4 and display them any diamond from right to left and bottom to top.The first rune represents the current state of affairs, the second - the obstacles, the third - the factors helping to achieve the objective, the uppermost points out what, in fact, end the matter.

use runic formulas can make your life much happier.Pay attention to these ancient symbols, and you can get rid of diseases, failures, create a happy family and become rich.