Charm of envy and the evil eye.

detractors Envy, hatred of the less successful colleagues at work, angry words from the neighbors - all this has become part of the lives of people who have achieved certain heights, gained wealth or fame.Someone can not stand on the spirit of his friend just because of the fact that her children are in school is excellent, and my husband does not drink.Even more commonplace reasons are beautiful hair or the ability to cook.Whatever the cause of ill-will towards you or your family, it is better to buy or make yourself a special amulet from the evil eye and envy.So you will protect your family and yourself out of trouble, you are sure to be overtaken, if someone is unkind heartily wishes.


It is very simple, but very effective protective talisman.It must be attached to the wrong piece of clothing in the solar plexus or the heart.Every evening, inspect the pin.If your little amulet from the evil eye and envy has changed color, darkened, it means that a negative impact with respect to you has been applied.Pin took it on herself, she defended her master.Because now she is a carrier of negative, then it should be by quickly get rid of.You just need to bury it in the ground in a deserted place, preferably in a vacant lot.

Pin can not throw, but only to remove it from the bad energy.To do this, wait until the full moon.Charm remove, rinse in a creek or river.It is possible and under the tap, as long as the water was running.Dry pin, sprinkle with salt - then it can not be used as food.Instead, it will go down in the sewer or dig in the street.The pins also can be left for the night by the light of the moon: it is clean, absorbs new energy and become your reliable defender.To maximize it performed its function, you need to buy it on Friday evening.

"God's eye"

talisman against enemies, envy, corruption, evil eye used more by our ancestors.Ancient Slavs produced "God's eye" - an amulet, which has its analogues in the Tibetan and Mexican cultures.For its production need two sticks of wood, which must be linked in the form of a cross.Next, wrap them with colorful woolen threads.This amulet from the evil eye and envy sure to weave newborn son, daughter or nephew, and hang at the head of the bed.Four sides "God's eye" will protect the baby from the bad energy that can be directed at a child with the four sides of the world.

Sometimes a protective amulet hanging at the entrance to the house.In this case, it does not allow to cross the threshold of evil.Even if visitors come enemies, all his evil intent and hatred will be neutralized "God's eye."At work, it will keep you from gossip and machinations of colleagues, and the car will protect against possible breakdowns and accidents.

green advocates

This, of course, plants.Make them wards of the evil eye and envy become impenetrable shield that will beat all the negative energy attacks from your home.Even during times of Kievan Rus people are tied bouquets, dried and hung around the house.They believed that in this way prevent the penetration of supernatural forces and other evil spirits.The ladies in the Middle Ages attached small bunches on the cap or in the neck - not only for beauty, but also to protect against "bad eyes."

The greatest effect is Rowan.Blossoming twig need to disrupt the spring and put in a vase.It helps and thistles.He lay on the windowsill - so it protects the apartment from the evil forces that might escape through the window.It is also possible to put a vase bombarded with acorns.They protect from evil thoughts and the negative impact of all tenants.

bags filled with aromatic herbs, also hang in all the rooms.This can be lavender, fern, fennel, St. John's wort, flax, juniper or mistletoe.Stacked in canvas cloth dried plants can be sewn into a pillow or duvet cover.They are not only great charms of envy and the evil eye, but also a way to get rid of pests and annoying gnats.


Ancient Slavs hung him from the ceiling, save yourself and loved ones from evil and corruption.On Christmas Eve he placed at the corners of the table, believing that on the night of Christ's birth, he absorbs positive energy.After that, placed in different rooms of the house, he would be able to protect the owners from the adverse effects of evil spirits.

This amulet from the evil eye and envy, not only used by our ancestors, and people all over the planet.Romania believed that it protects against vampires, and in Hungary - that protects against evil forces.His sewn into mattresses young children, thinking that because my child will be safe.With the same purpose in India amulet with garlic hung on the neck of the child.

In ancient times garlic was considered as a panacea for all evil: evil eye, trouble, illness, death.The excavated pyramids, archaeologists have repeatedly found this plant in the tombs of the pharaohs.We also know that at the beginning of the XVIII century when a large-scale epidemic of bubonic plague garlic with vinegar, saved the lives of tens of thousands of people.


it since ancient times symbolizes wealth and prosperity.Our ancestors were hung it on the verge of believing that in this way will be able to lure the happiness in the house and scare away the dark forces.Interesting, but a function of the horseshoe depends on its specific location.

amulet hung horns down, you thus program the amulet to protect their homes.Slavs said ends of the horseshoe, lowered to the floor, closed, and the devil gets to form a ring trap.If you want to ward brought happiness, then it should hang legs up - because it symbolizes the cup of prosperity, which is sure to fill your home.

Horseshoe or any chosen mascot should consecrate the church on a big holiday, read over him or speak a word of prayer.So his strength will be more powerful and effective.Prayers, incantations and charms against evil and envious people will protect your family from any negative impact.With their help, you will feel more confident and freer.


his particular ward has each sign of the zodiac.For Aries is the diamond, for the bulls - turquoise.Twins guards grenades Rakov - emerald, Lviv - onyx.Virgos are suited carnelian, and Libra will be reliably protected by beryl.Scorpio needs yellow topaz, Sagittarius - amethyst, Capricorn - opal.Aquarius patronizes bright sapphire and Pisces - pearl.

make yourself from its stone bracelet talisman against the evil eye, you feel like all the bad as if repelled by you.On the contrary, good luck and joy sypyatsya as a horn of plenty.Thus it is necessary to choose the right stone.For example, during the purchase hold it between your hands, if you feel the warmth and peace of mind - feel free to take.While wearing discomfort at the first amulet is necessary to remove and replace it with an alternative mascot.

It should also be remembered that some of the stones should not be worn separately.Single pearl causes tears, alexandrite provoke illness and depression, topaz programs on a bad marriage and the collapse of any relationship.So do not buy a single stone ring, take the bracelets, earrings or necklaces.Talisman must necessarily come into contact with the skin: the only way he will fulfill its function and protect you from evil and the evil eye.