The film "Perfume": actors and roles.

famous novel by Patrick Suskind, was released in 1985 and became an instant bestseller.Total novelist created nine works, of which the most famous was the novel "Perfume".The actors, who played in the film adaptation of the work, received critical acclaim and audience in the form of awards and accolades.

«Perfume.Story of a Murderer "- one of the best novels in German

The action in the novel takes place in the XVIII century.To immerse the reader in that era, Suskind uses psevdorealizme reception.He fills the book describes in detail the dates and places, which are connected with the events of the drama.So the author wants the reader to create a sense of reality.For each, even the most insignificant, character Suskind gives detailed information and report the date and cause of death - is another way to create the illusion of the reality of the events.And the author succeeds brilliantly - it perfectly recreates the atmosphere of the book of the era.

film "Perfume" - the story and history of

Beginning with the release of the novel to film it like many well-known directors such as Martin Scorsese and Stanley Kubrick.All of them tried to get permission to shoot the author of the book.But the drama of "Perfume", the actors that the focus of this article, Suskind entrusted only to his friend Bernd Eichinger, who was a producer on "Knockin 'on Heaven" and "Name of the Rose."The last picture shot on the novel by Umberto Eco, and it was thought that the book is impossible to film.The same was said and about the "Perfume".To realize the story told in the novel, I was invited by German director Tom Tykwer.He is known for such films as "Run Lola Run," "Cloud Atlas," "Paris, je t'aime".Tykwer enthusiastically set to work on such a complex product as "Perfume".The actor who played the main role in it, before the paintings were not well known to the general public, except for Dustin Hoffman and Alan Rickman.

filmmakers have tried to move the plot of a book on the wide screen without any changes.In Paris, the XVIII century from a fishmonger born child.This occurs directly behind the counter, but she manages to give birth imperceptibly.The newborn was doomed to die in a pile of garbage, if it had not wept.Heard the cry of a child Visitors Market rescued him, and the boy's mother was executed for attempted infanticide.Grenouille (this name was a baby) at the moment of birth was so shocked because of the unbearable stench of the market that was incredibly subtle sense of smell.He himself from birth was odorless.

living in appalling conditions (children's home, then work at a tanner), Grenouille wants to know all about smells.Once on the street, he caught a magically beautiful smell.Walking behind him, he met a young saleswoman plums.Wanting to get her scent, he strangles her, but after her death, a wonderful smell disappears.

Grenouille decides to find a way to preserve aromas.His dream - to create on the basis of the most beautiful girls smells perfume, which will be his own wonderful fragrance.

Drama "Perfume" - actors and the role

main role of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, a man with an incredibly keen sense of smell, played the young British actor John Benjamin Wishaw.It is one of his first known acting role.Before "Perfume" actor was best known for working in the theater.The film made it not just famous - Wishaw began to appear in the star projects such as the "Cloud Atlas," "007: Coordinates" Skayfoll "and" Paddington ".

latest victim Grenouille, a young aristocrat Laura Rishi played British actress Rachel Clare Hurd-Wood.After "Perfume" She had some more interesting work in film: the thriller "Dorian Gray" and the fantasy "Solomon Kane."

Dustin Hoffman in the film made in the image of the aging of the Parisian perfumer Giuseppe Baldini, once created a wonderful fragrance, but more for failing to repeat his success.But it is - a connoisseur of the subtleties of skill perfume, tanning lotion and learned a lot from him about how to collect and preserve the aromas.

Alan Rickman played Laura's father, Consul Rishi.It was his efforts Grenouille was caught.

film score

«Perfume", the actors who received great popularity after the release of pictures, was well received by critics, though its artistic value continues to cause controversy.There is no doubt that this is an exciting thriller that keeps the audience in suspense until the denouement.