A plastic bag in our lives

packaging material has always been an important part of the production process, any self-respecting company.The invention of the century - plastic materials - greatly facilitated the task of manufacturers and dealers.

ease, durability, moisture resistance, relatively low cost - a very important indicators of the packaging material.A plastic bag so quickly and firmly entrenched in our lives that we feel we can no longer do without it.


first packing bags produced in 1957 in the United States.They used it to pack sandwiches.Ten years later, already 30% of the US bakery products packed in such packages.Then, and Western Europe was fascinated by this package, resulting in a 1973 production of packages reached 11.5 million units.In 2002, when the entire world was engulfed boom polyethylene packaging, the total global production volume of this product is 4-5 trillion per year.The leaders of manufacturing the finest packing packages (4.5-5 microns) - China, Russia, South-East Asia.The thin plastic bag is made of a dense polyethylene (low pressure) HD (so-called "rustling").Is sometimes used high-density polyethylene, but low density (LD, LLD), then packets appear smooth.However, such a thin packaging bag has high strength.

Different and interesting because

plastic bag visual always attracts the attention of not only children but also adults.It is promoted and bright applique on all sorts of topics.Four-image applied to the package, using the method of flexography, it can serve as a relatively effective means of self-promotion.Produce different types of products depending on their destination: packing bags (transparent);Bag-shirt;bag with a handle loop, prorubnoy;garbage bags (with dyes) of the type "t-shirts" or restraining straps;branded bags (trademark).Let us dwell on the packages of the type "T-shirt".This type of product has gained a nickname for the characteristic cutting handles.Production of packages "Mike" dates back to 1982.They were produced later than other products in this category, but nonetheless firmly occupied the position of leader, especially in the network of trading companies.There are also pnd- and LDPE packages.Production LDPE packets based on the high-pressure polyethylene granules respectively IPA - low pressure.LDPE bags - this is the packaging material that we all use in everyday life (for small and medium-fill).A HDPE packages differ in that they are used for packaging a large (20-30 kg) and can be different also resistant to excessive stress and the negative influence of the environment.Therefore, low-pressure polyethylene is used for the manufacture of pressure pipes and fittings, cable sheathing.


We can not forget about the dangers that causes environmental plastic bag.As a result of careless use of plastic products Land, figuratively speaking, practically packed in it, and the whole living world on this planet feels the negative consequences of this (particularly marine life make plastic for food).We must not forget that every kilogram packages in the production process consumes 1.2 kg of the precious resource - crude oil.Worth to remember that plastic can be reused: from used plastic bags are made sections for fences, fences, park benches and more.It can burn and generate electricity.We must remember that the polyethylene is different - even less toxic and soluble.