What is a "scourge"?

Very often we encounter difficulties in identifying some words, especially if the word - an abbreviation or borrowing from other languages.For example, not everyone knows what a "scourge".

meaning of the words in the Russian language

The word has many meanings.It can be used in relation to any person.Explanation of words - "the former intelligent man."Initially, it was supposed to denote that it is a person who is educated is an intelligent and well-mannered, but for some reason decided to "go to the people", that is, become unemployed, the homeless and free.Most of these people drink too much, but do not lose their "intelligence".Now, however, it is usually used for any homeless person, poor drunks, the homeless, and so on.. In this case, the word "scourge" can act as an insult.

Very often this word is found in literary works, poems, political speeches.The meaning in this case the whip - that causes any disaster.Whether it's the disaster itself, punishment.This word has a high stylistic coloring (usually given in dictionaries marked "book" or "high").

third meaning of the word - a whip or a whip to punish.So the instrument used since ancient Greece and Rome to punish the runaway slaves, criminals, thieves.Beach was made of rope or branch, was not very thick.Appoints a certain number of beats.Mention of such a whip there is in the Bible.

Possible combinations with the word

In the first meaning of such phrases can be formed, "he scourge," "have / be / become a scourge", "become a scourge."

The second meaning: "the scourge of the people - alcoholism", "whip of irony", "the scourge of satire" (ie, punishment in the form of satire, its retributive action), "the scourge of the Lord" (some natural processes).

The third meaning: "elastic / biting scourge", "snapping a whip."

What is a "scourge" in English?

In English as in Russian, the word has several meanings.

Beach - if it is a noun - the beach, river or sea.The verb means "to come to the beach", "dock".Adjective - coastal, coastline, beach.So this word is translated.However, there are phrases in English with him, that have values ​​"to be on the rocks", "a man who came from nowhere" and others.These combinations can be compared with the Russian word meaning "fallen man".

The same pronunciation has word with another writing beech - beech and made from beech wood.

In addition, the word can be abusive.