What we prophesied world of birds?

Birds - it's part of our everyday life.Not surprisingly, the signs about birds - the most numerous among all the people's observations.Birds of a very long time, we predict the weather, crops and even the birth of a child and the death of loved ones.Folk wisdom in this case concerns virtually all cases of life.And there is the situation that would not have been able to foresee many of our feathered friends.

All signs about birds so diverse that if you collect them all and published as a book, a pretty impressive multi-volume edition.But few people come to mind, where there were so loyal to approval by a particular occasion.In order to understand this, it is necessary to look deeper into the age-old wisdom of the people and pull out the cause.

For example, there is a sign: a bird shat - to be money.We can not say that it will happen.But we have to agree that this disappointment can not but raise a smile.Most likely, these signs about birds associated with the image of a messenger who has come to us since ancient times, when the only means of communication were just feathered "postmen".Also, do not forget that in many legends and sacred texts of the bird appears as a link between man and the Divine.

But if a bird flew out the window - a sign advises her to look at the rock.In this case, the nightingale will promise wealth, dove - a quick wedding, and all the rest - no good, perhaps a quick death of one of the tenants.This opinion is related to notions of human material "analogue" immortal soul and messenger of God.We'll have to agree that it is rather difficult to imagine how something intangible that is inside every human body, sooner or later leave him, as well as incorporeal messengers that come to man.And who is best suited to their role?Of course, the beautiful (or not) a winged creature that is closer to the sky than any of the inhabitants of the earth.

As mentioned earlier, by and large, all the signs about birds portend a change in the weather, or the amount of the crop.In such cases, it's pretty simple, even science could explain some of the mysterious behavior of the feathered population of our planet, which in these cases is due to their "internal instinct" and the desire to move to a place with the best climate.People also had a tie that behavior with future climate change for him.

way, similar signs about birds - the most truthful and triggered almost 100% of cases.If this does not happen, then such a failure in any case does not mean that the sign is not valid.Rather, in this case it is necessary to talk about the failures that come from inside the feathered the Prophet.

To summarize, it is necessary to recall once again how closely linked the two worlds: the world of humans and the natural world.Our whole problem is that, to move to the city, we are further away from nature and unconsciously forget the immortal legacy of our ancestors, where signs about birds occupy only a small part.