How to find a good baby sitter?

The frantic pace of our lives today more and more there is a need in the minders that may enable parents to work or relax, without worrying about the children.

Of course, everyone wants to have the "ideal nurse", but more often the question arises - how to find just to be a reliable and responsible person who loves and understands children?When choosing a baby-sitting the most important thing - to prepare well for the meeting with the contenders.

schedule, salary and education babysitting

First of all, you have to determine for themselves the work schedule of future nurses, as well - if you want a nanny only day or night only, or of two nurses.

Make an hourly rate - it is more convenient.Nanny salary depends on the number of working days and hours, on the qualifications of workers and on how large the volume of its duties.More experienced nurses, of course, pay more, but the experience of the nurse must confirm its recommendations.

Of course, if the nurse - a doctor, a teacher or psychologist, it is also necessary to pay more for special education.Therefore, if you want to save, think on it.For example, for a young child who can not yet speak, the nurse is not required with knowledge of foreign languages.

Summary babysitting

When you decide for yourself with the schedule of work and wages babysitting, read the summary of all the candidates, even if they are sent agency.

At this point, you can weed out the part of the candidates already on their resume: for example, by age - too young or too old, which will be difficult to cope with their responsibilities.

Take those nurses who have more seniority and experience, but note - too many skills for a small experience in resume hinted that the nurse has exaggerated his abilities.

Do not take that to the nurse, who has more interruptions, who did not stay in the past, or to families who have small children - because if they get sick, you will be without a nanny, and your child can become infected.

Location babysitting is also important, it would be inconvenient to travel to the other end of the city, especially in urgent cases, or when it is part-time workers.

meeting with the candidates

Before meeting with potential nannies, prepare a list of questions you are interested and feel free to ask - for example, previous jobs.It is also important as a nanny speaks about his past hosts and charges.

Do not forget to ask the most important questions: ask Reason for leaving last job, why the candidates became a nurse, like her children if she brings up her children (if any) as it calms the child and what to do if baby is unwellHe feels.

Check in person citizenship and residence babysitting her fresh analysis and medical record, get phone numbers for communication.

advance tell the candidates that will check and monitor its work - if you wish, you can even mention a web camera and other electronic means of tracking (only for the safety of the child).I do not agree with this point it is better not to take the job.

not take in nanny for your baby as he was late for the interview, looks messy, it reacts nervously, running around one eye and shaking hands, who answers questions vaguely and uncertainly, either - too straightforward, memorized phrases.

Also, do not communicate with the nurses trying to enhance its reputation, those who have no interest in the job and who does not ask questions about the child, and of course, with those whose views on child-rearing is not the same as yours.