Dream book.

Once in a night vision you have seen at any signs of illness, is really worth to take care of their health.Postponing to anything!Dreams that ill?So the body is tired and is about to falter.But there are other interpretations of dreams about failing health.Let's find out what this says about the dream book.

see yourself sick

In any case, this dream foretells something unpleasant.Shrugs off warnings you should not closing our eyes to direct the subconscious hint, you do not get rid of the negative circumstances.Careless attitude to the situation did not lead to anything!

dreams that ill some undefined illness?Coming hard times.Life takes you on a bumpy road, which will have to go on in dismay and experiences.The best thing to do after such a dream - a good rest!Maybe this is accumulated stress makes you efficient use of their abilities and resources.Activities will put everything in its place.

A situation where you have a cold, predict prosperity in reality!Catch the moment.Luck hurry to get myself into your hands!Injury dream - to disease.Dislocation - a hazard.If you dream that you have cancer, it means that you have to make a very difficult choice.Despite the fact that you have to give up something that is very expensive, it is not necessary to delay the decision.There is a risk of losing a lot more.Listen to what the dream book advises.

sick person in a dream

If the vision of the night, you saw how to suffer from some kind of illness your family, then you have to deal with suspicious individuals.The circumstances will be stronger than you!And though it will be very difficult to force yourself to ask for help people who are not causing your confidence, everything will end well.Suspicions prove unfounded, then you yourself understand this.What dreams that ill sore throat?By hectic.If a person is injured and you assist him, it is said that behind your back you are discussing intensively.This talk has a negative meaning.Be careful!

What dreams that ill second half

Maybe you do not really care to your loved one for a long time and have not done him / her a pleasant surprise!This is your behavior displeases the second half.You began to perceive love as something mandatory.It seems that you owe.But it is not so.My favorite people - just like you - can count on your care and attention.Have you forgotten about it.On the horizon of your life may appear cloud portends the loss of important relationships for you.Be prudent!Review your behavior in order to rectify the situation for the better.Otherwise, not far off a conflict situation.If a loved one has suffered in his sleep from the injury, you risk to be in the wrong place, and at the wrong time.Perhaps you no reason nakrichit chief, or maybe hurt in traffic.Never mind!It will only be a passing episode, with no consequences.Caring for the sick - to take an important decision in reality.