How to wash the oven from the old fat fast

Irregular cleaning and difficulty in cleaning household appliances often cause severe pollution, which are very difficult to get rid of later.One such device is the oven.After cooking a meal on its walls accumulate a large number of fat droplets, from which sticks dust and clean the surface becomes quite difficult.

Every housewife is wondering how to wash the oven from the old fat.Therefore, there are few effective methods.These include both traditional recipes and modern chemicals.

Cleansing oven manually

This method is suitable for ordinary oven, the inner surface of which is represented by a smooth enamel.It is best lends itself to manual cleaning.For information on how to wash the oven from the old grease, without spending a lot of effort in this case, you can read below.

first thing is to get everything out of the oven trays and soak them in the sink with detergent.

Then you need to put on the sponge cleanser and wipe all interior surfaces.It is necessary to avoid getting soap solution into the fan and heating elements.When this stage is finished, it is necessary to warm up the oven, such action will help to soften the fat, and it will be much easier to remove.

If dirt lot, you can repeat this procedure.It is recommended for cleaning the oven detergent to use rubber gloves, it helps protect the skin from irritation and damage.

Remove dirt using a store means

Every woman has in its arsenal purpose cleaner.Many of them do an excellent job with the cleaning of the oven.It is only necessary Spray the walls and leave for several hours.Dirt, along with the remnants of funds removed with soapy sponge.

How to wash inside the oven from grease, every woman should know, otherwise after a while the oven is dirty to such a degree that it would not be safe to cook.Since the products could get old fat that melts under the influence of temperature.

It is important to observe safety precautions when working with the store cleaners.Since they contain harmful chemicals, it is necessary to open the window and use rubber gloves.

How to wash the old oven of burnt fat

To clean internal surfaces, you can use home remedies, the most popular of which are soda, vinegar and soap.

  • The baking is necessary to pour the water in which detergent or soap remnants.The same solution cleaned with all the internal walls.After the preparation of the oven must be heated to melt the fat and the whole wipe with a damp cloth.
  • soda is used for the other method.It is mixed with warm water and applied to the surface, then use hard sponge removes all dirt and the oven is flushed with clean water.

  • also be applied to the wall is not yet fully cooled oven vinegar.It helps dissolve fat, which is easily ototretsya using washcloths.
  • In deciding how to wash the oven from the old fat, a good helper becomes ammonia.It must be applied to all contaminated sites and leave for several hours.After this will only clean the oven with a soap solution.
  • cope with soot help ordinary rock salt.It should be applied to a hot surface, in the process of absorption of fat it gets brown.Will only wash the surface with a sponge soaked in soapy water.
  • lose fat effortlessly baking powder, used for baking.It is applied to wet the walls of the oven, and when it begins to roll into balls, it must be easy to remove and wash the surface.

How to eliminate the smell in the oven detergents

To neutralize unpleasant smell after using chemicals to clean you can do the following:

  • The easiest way is ventilation.The oven is left open at night, so that all chemicals be erode.
  • will neutralize odors, activated carbon, it must be dissolved in water and boil it for fifteen minutes in the oven.
  • surfaces can be further washed with clean water, add to it acetic acid, or rub with lemon juice.

often eliminate the smell is more difficult than to clean the inner walls of the oven.Therefore, preparing to step care of the furnace, it is necessary to foresee all the possible consequences and be prepared to fix them quickly, and it is better to prevent.

Ovens with catalytic cleaning function

Such furnaces provide regular self-cleaning surface.The principle of operation is a special porous surface on which the oxidizing agent is applied.It helps to break up the fat into simple chemicals and elements, thereby preventing the occurrence of fouling on the interior surfaces of the oven.

deciding how quickly wash grease from the oven, it is necessary to pay attention to the oven with built-oxidizing panels.However, it should be considered a drawback: the amount of applied oxidant is only enough for three hundred hours, and then the panel must be replaced.

function of self-cleaning ovens with

This is the most advanced models to not take care of the cleaning of the oven.If you need to resolve the question of how to wash the oven from the old fat, you just need to run the cleaning program.

Its action is in the high exposure (500 degrees), which provides conversion of fat into ashes, thereby greatly simplifying the care of the oven.You will need only to remove the resulting ash with a damp cloth, and the surface will again shine like new.

Analyzing to what you can wash the oven, it is important to consider the type of the surface and the degree of contamination.The right choice will facilitate easier cleaning and will not cause any damage.