Dietary pizza - prepare at home.

Ti amo Italia!Ti amo la pizza Italiana!That means "I Love You, Italy! I love you, Italian pizzas!"Perhaps there is no such person in the world who will say these words after sampling a piece of thin dough with delicious toppings on it.But, O God, you are on a diet!Nothing scary!Dietary pizza - a great way to enjoy Italian cuisine.

What pizza

first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Italy - Roman Coliseum, Venice, Leonardo da Vinci and pizza.Yes, yes, the pizza is on a par with all of these celebrities and great sights of the ancient country.

What's Pizza?The traditional dish of Italy in essence - baked with various fillings from the finest cake prepared by a special recipe of dough.There is a huge number of species names and pizza recipes - that "Margarita" (Margherita), and "Kapritsioza" (Capricciosa), and "Napoletana" (Napoletana), and dietary pizza (Dietetica pizza), of which, in fact, today, andwill be discussed.

Diet pizza

general opinion that the pizza - it's calorie-stuffed wi

th delicious-smelling piece of dough is absolutely not suitable for consumption for those who are dieting and watching their weight, long ago lost its relevance.As they say, "What a pizza cook, and her so called".Nowadays many restaurants on the menu and very popular pizza diet, recipe which will be a real boon for someone who watches a figure constantly count calories.

basis of the test, a variety of cheeses and delicious sauce - these are the main components of the pizza.What to use as a filling, everyone decides for himself.To dietary pizza to its name, you must take responsibility for the choice of ingredients and observe certain rules in its preparation.

basic pizza recipe dietary

Meet dietary pizza!Recipe with photos clearly show the principle of the preparation of a start-owner of the Italian cuisine.

basic rule - the thinner will be able to roll out the dough, the less calories you get at the output of the finished dish.By the way, to make it "easier", you can replace wheat flour on whole.

Pizza dough dietary includes such ingredients:

- flour;

- olive oil;

- water;

- salt.

All components should be mixed thoroughly by adding water in small portions.It should look tight and elastic dough that needs to be rolled up into a tight ball, wrap in plastic wrap and put into the cold for half an hour.To prepare a pizza of the total required amount of cut pieces, the rest in the refrigerator clean again.Roll out the dough on a well floured table.

preparing bases for pizza on the table move on the laid paper baking special, evenly apply a sauce, spread the desired filling.

Baked pizza at 180 ° C, 20-35 minutes.

Stuffing can serve seafood, tomatoes, minced meat or turkey, chicken, and even pineapple.

Do not use bold, for example, creamy sauce.His perfectly replace natural yogurt or plain tomato paste.You can cook amazingly tasty, light sauce "Pesto".To this end, using a blender, mix a small bunch of basil, a couple of cloves of garlic, a handful of pine nuts and a quarter cup of olive oil.

Diet Recipe pizza with turkey and pineapple pizza

diet recipe is offered to your attention, contains about 180 kcal per 100 g

As a basis for this, you can use the pizza dough made ofthe basic recipe.You'll also need:

- minced turkey 150-200 g;

- natural light yogurt - 0.5 cups;

- canned pineapple;

- mozzarella;

- olives;

- fresh basil;

- cherry tomatoes.

To begin, mix yogurt with minced meat and chopped basil, a little podsolite.On the basis of thinly rolled dough Put the weight, cut into slices or halves tomatoes and olives, pineapple, cheese and basil leaves.Bake in preheated to 180-190 ° C oven for about 20 minutes.

Diet Recipe pizza with cheese and greens (no flour)

It's really a dietary pizza prepared without the addition of flour.A great meal can be eaten almost every day and did not harm the figure.

For its preparation you will need:

- turkey breast (breast) - 450-500 g;

- egg;

- low-fat cottage cheese - 150 g;

- fresh herbs (chives, basil, oregano, coriander);

- pepper - 1 pc .;

- any low-fat cheese (mozzarella, tofu, ricotta and others) - 100 g;

For the sauce needed:

- tomatoes - 4-5 units;

- garlic;

- fresh basil;

- salt.

How to cook a pizza without flour

To start, prepare the sauce.To do this, tomatoes and basil in a blender, mix, boil on low heat until thick, stirring constantly.Passed through a garlic masher, add at the end, for three or four minutes before removing from heat.

Diet pizza without flour is made on the basis of the "test", which is prepared from a mixture of meat, eggs and basil.All of these components need to be mixed thoroughly, put on the laid paper baking, well leveled.Bake in a preheated 180 ° C oven for 10-12 minutes.

While the foundation is baked, prepare the stuffing.Cottage cheese, cheese, pepper and herbs to mix in a blender.

preparing bases for pizza grease thick sauce and cheese mixture.Garnish the dish can be sliced ​​tomatoes, sliced ​​bell pepper and green leaves.Bake at 180 ° C for about 15 minutes.

This pizza is rich in protein, which helps our body to speed up the metabolism, which in turn does not allow us to gain weight.This pizza is extremely tasty, in addition, 100 g of the product contains a total of 155 kcal.

Buon appetito!Bon Appetit!