Secrets of the fairies dance floors

Long before the attention of investigators of paranormal phenomena and ordinary people caught this mysterious phenomenon of crop circles, the people have been known so-called ring of fairies, it referred to in the legends of many peoples.They are following a bright and juicy grass or soil, slightly different in color from the surrounding.Especially popular is the legend of the rings fairies in England.In the Sussex ring called witches tracks in Devonshire is believed that fairies, little people who live under the earth at night and snatch foals jump on them in a circle.Ostensibly disheveled appearance of horses in the morning suggests that night they rode fairies.

Even Shakespeare in his works repeatedly mentions these phenomena.And Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a belief in fairies, wrote in 1923: "It is impossible to deny that circles, whatever the reason is not formed them, are an excellent dance floor.Undoubtedly, these circles are connected with a night of fun the little people. "

addition beliefs and take, there is documented evidence of the historical existence of fairies.Antiquarian John Aubrey in his notes relating to 1663, told about the vicar, Mr. Jerte.This venerable gentleman, suffering from insomnia, walking one night in a rural area of ​​Devonshire and noticed the little people who stood in a circle and circle dances, dancing and uttering strange, lingering sounded like buzzing.Startled, Mr. Hurt stood in silent amazement as funny gnomes did not notice it.Men rushed to him and was surrounded.The unexpectedness of the vicar fell to the ground, dwarfs climbed on him and began tickling and pinching, making all the same whirring sounds.Fear Mr. Hurt lost consciousness and, of course, did not notice when the fairies have left.Waking at dawn, he found himself lying in the middle range of trampled grass.

Beliefs associated with the fairies, they say that the perpetrators of their possessions, these creatures can get non-stop dancing in circles until the man go mad or drop dead.Sometimes people are dead inside the circle of toadstools that grow along the perimeter of the Rings fairies.Often the perimeter rings grow huge mushroom-raincoats, hats, which reach half a meter in diameter.

for countries laps trampled grass or brighter, there is another explanation, devoid of mysticism.It is known that during the cold season the cows, sheep and other livestock while grazing, heads in a circle to the center, thus warming.Accordingly, they muck land in a circle, then fertilized in the ground grows brighter grass or fungi.However, given the cause can not explain the existence of rings fairies in the woods and other places where the cattle are not grazing.

rural residents have long noticed that the cattle do not eat grass in a specific community, so it is considered poisonous.

In Scotland, there is a sign, according to which a girl that wants to be very beautiful, buy color and smooth skin, you should wash with dew collected in the early morning in May day.However, if the dew is collected with grass growing in the ring of fairies, or if a girl accidentally snaps inside this circle, her face covered with spots and stains.

in Cornwall farmer who discovered on his plot of land of faerie ring, believes that it will have good luck, and it will bring a rich harvest.In Scotland, also similar finding is considered a bad omen.

There is another explanation for this phenomenon.Ostensibly urchins sometimes at night walking one behind the other in a circle in the same locations from which gradually soil and grass growing on it change color.There are variations of this hypothesis - allegedly around sometimes crawling snails, snakes, ants.It is unclear, however, what animals do.One of the XVIII century English writers described in his autobiographical novel case as he spent an hour watching the ants, walking one behind the other in a circle.Insects had to make about twenty laps, and then crawled.In place of their "march" on the ground remained a small groove.

In some areas of England popular belief about moles that dig beneath the surface circular moves.Accordingly, on the ground appear circular traces of these tunnels.In Austria, Tyrol, strange circle on the ground around the perimeter of which grow toadstools, dedicated to the legend: following supposedly burn dragon, every year arrive from the south of the Alps.In Denmark, a popular tale about elves, who poured boiling water over the ground in a circle, so that they were easier to dance.

In the Netherlands, there is a legend about the devil.Cunning Satan at night secretly milking cows and collecting milk in large cans that always carries with him.Cans, heavy, and sometimes the devil has to rest.Track from cans heated hell-fire and dropped to the ground, leaving a strange circular marks.

In Germany, the origin of the circles attributed to witches, who are going to the Sabbath on Walpurgis Night and lead dances.In France, the rumor tells of huge frogs that sit on the ground, forming a circle.

still a clear scientific explanation for the characteristic circles on the ground does not exist.It is noticed that they gradually increase in size, the annual increase in the diameter range from 10 to 30 centimeters.

Typically, faerie ring present on the wild meadows of the outback.In the north of England there is a ring which has six hundred years.In France, there is a ring with a diameter of about 800 meters around the perimeter of which mushrooms grow.It is believed that this group has seven hundred years.

article was published in the Journal of UFO number 18 (2006)

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