How to use the protein without harm to your health?

Many of you know that the protein - a protein that is well absorbed in the human body and provides muscle building.Quite often, it is used by athletes to achieve the desired result.Answering the question: "How to use the protein without harm to your health?", It is necessary to look a little deeper into the subject and find out more information.

sources of protein

First, let's define that there are many different foods that contain protein.It's eggs, milk, cheese, poultry, beef, fish and others.When you use these products, your body will get the protein in sufficient quantity.But if you do, such as bodybuilding, then to build muscle you need protein mixture, which accelerate the process of growth.It is only important to know how to use the protein in which allowable doses, so as not to harm their health.The sale can be quite easy to find a protein mixture: milk, egg, soy and beef.

How to use protein

Calculate the daily rate of protein you need to build muscle.Per kilogram have your weight 1.5 - 2.5 g of protein, depending on your body.For example, if your weight up to 100 kg, you will need 200 - 250 grams of protein mixture.From 100 kg and more - daily rate of protein should not exceed 150 - 200 g

is recommended to take a protein mixture dosed portions - at 20 - 30 g for half an hour before a meal, as well as one hour before a workout and immediately after its completion.This will facilitate the resupply of essential amino acids, which will allow the body to recover quickly after exercise.Remember also that the ratio of protein derived from additives should be directly proportional to the amount of protein is from food, that is 50% to 50%.

best protein mixture

Now that you've learned how to use a protein, let's determine what the protein mixture preferred.Among the large variety of similar products, it is important to stop the choice on the funds that will be most effective.

Scientists say that a mixture of serum - one of the best protein supplements.In its high content of useful amino acids.Enriched with glutamine, it is able to maintain a person's immune system after intense workouts, is quickly absorbed - this is not a complete list of advantages of this mixture.

Following the series of experiments at the cellular and hormonal level, scientists have shown that whey protein is superior to all other proteins.They recommend it for those who want to play sports or have professionally engaged.It is worth noting that the average person can also take whey protein to better health and vitality.

So whether it is possible to use the protein?On this issue you can hear a comprehensive response specialists.One embodiment of such a response: "If you know how to use the protein, in what doses without harm to your health, this protein mixture will become your indispensable ingredient of food to maintain good physical shape".