Train to ground, or how to become a great

Any athlete, whether he attends room a week or for several years, is familiar with the phenomenon of the division of the training cycle on four indicators: training on mass, endurance, strength and relief.It's no longer a secret, and that this division is rather arbitrary and is usually used by beginners or "snowdrops", as the more experienced athlete understands that no one can not be both.Large muscles are not pumped if you are weak;if you're tough enough, you will not be able to operate with maximum efficiency and so on.But then we will talk only about how to trigger a fast set of weight, it will be especially important for novice builders.

Rule one: the golden trio

First of all you need to remember that it is impossible to collect a large amount of muscle if you do only on simulators!Ask for advice from any of the regulars of the hall, and he will answer you that the best training on the weight are: bench press, squat and deadlift.

Why so?Everything is very simple.These exercises are the mo

st effective for the reason that their doing, you employ a very large amount of muscle in your body, even those that are seemingly not working.This is the charm of training with free weights, or as otherwise referred to as - "the base."Try it, and after two or three weeks you will see that on the weight training with free weights is much more effective training on simulators.

ideal exercise on weight should look something like this:

Exercise \ Approach 1 Approach 2 Approach 3 approach
bench press bar lying 6-8 reps 8-12 repetition maximum repetition
Squats 8-10 repetitions 10-12 repetitions maximum repetitions
Deadlift 6-8 reps 12-14 repetitions maximum repetitions

Plus before each exercise should be performed a warm-up approach for 10-12 repetitions with a blank stamp.

Rule two: the recovery period

Another very common mistake that not only beginners, but also more experienced bodybuilders - this failure to comply with periods of muscle recovery.In no case should not forget that after each workout, and especially after a heavy as on the weight training, your muscles need to rest for at least 24-36 hours, otherwise you risk not only to achieve new results, but, on the contrary, justburn not had time to recover muscle fibers.

There are many ways to speed up the process of muscle recovery after strength training, such as:

- Daytime sleep.In addition to a full night's sleep, which should last at least eight hours, your body can distinguish yet another break in just one hour.This will accelerate the anabolic and metabolic processes.

- Steam or hot tub.It has long been observed that thermal treatments stimulate muscle recovery and overall beneficial effect on overall health.

- Meditation.The half-hour meditation, that is, maintaining the state of total relaxation of the body, it will also help you increase the speed muscle recovery.

The use of these three simple techniques reduces the time it takes muscles to relax, about twice, but remember that in any case it is impossible to train one muscle group more than once in two days.

Rule three: proper nutrition

And one more brief supplement that has become legendary in any room.It is not possible to quickly gain muscle mass if you are malnourished.An athlete who wants to get the most out of each of his training, should be fed at least four or five times a day, with the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the early stages of training does not matter.

So, practice with free weights every other day, to fully relax and eat every waking moment - that's all simple rules of the most efficient and powerful training on weight, it is better that you do not make even the most graduate-athlete jock!