How to recover a man?

how to correct the man?This question is most often asked by young guys asthenic build, who want to have massive shoulders, arms, chest, back and hips pumped.But children do not always know where to start and how to act in order to gain muscle mass.Some tips and advice on nutrition given in this article.

main "building blocks" in deciding how to recover a man - a well-planned, high-calorie food, thoughtful training and daily routine.


how to correct the man?First of all, you should pay particular attention to food.The daily diet should definitely attend protein products, preferably of animal origin (such is better absorbed by the body).It can be eggs, meat, low-fat fish.Be sure to include in their menu foods containing carbohydrates.Give preference to those dishes that are rich in so-called "slow" carbohydrates - is oatmeal, pasta, wholemeal bread.

Pay special attention to side dishes, eat more rice, buckwheat, millet, oatmeal.Eat more vegetables and fresh fruits - though they do not c

ontain a lot of calories, but rich in vitamins and minerals involved in metabolic processes.It is important to understand the specifics of how to recover the man.Be sure to plan out your menu so that the breaks between the main meals were small - no more than three hours.If you do not get a full meal - snack bars, dried fruit, bananas.

breakfast should be nutritious - it gives energy for the whole day.The best option would be for him porridge.You can add the nuts, cheese, dried fruit or oil.An excellent option is to porridge as a side dish to a piece of boiled meat or steam cutlets.Thus, B will provide both energy and building blocks for muscle.

Lunch is also an important "building block" in the issue of how to recover the man quickly.Be sure to eat three meals.It is advisable to get some rest in the afternoon, to better assimilate food and nutrients went to muscle growth.

Dinner is desirable to make the protein.Eat it should be no later than 19.00.During a night of sleep a protein will actively absorb and use in the "construction" of the muscles.

between the main, main meals drink protein (protein) cocktails.They can be purchased at a pharmacy or a specialized sports shop.During a workout, drink a good thirst quencher.However, you should not get carried away - otherwise it will be difficult to deal with on a full stomach.


Before you start to build up a lot, talk with a competent coach.It is to draw up a training system to work one muscle group.In the following days, she will rest and grow.

daily routine

sure to start a few days of rest.At this time the body recovers rapidly, and increasing muscle mass.Do not forget about the full dream.While it is also hard to build muscle tissue.Hopefully these tips will help you solve the problem of how to quickly recover a man, having increased beautiful muscles.