Flag Morocco: description and history.

main state attributes - the flag and coat of arms.Their description and use of fixed main law of the country - the Constitution.Many modern flags of various countries differ greatly from the old cloth.These changes occurred in the course of historical events that changed the territory, administrative division, political institutions and traditions of power.

This article describes the flag of Morocco, its history.We also look at the coat of arms of the State.


official flag of Morocco is a rectangular panel.The ratio of length and width is 2: 3, respectively.All flag field filled homogeneous dark red.In the middle of the flag is a pentagram (five-pointed star) green with a black outline.Star conditionally inscribed in a circle with a diameter equal to 1/3 of the width of the flag.

Red has several meanings.First of all, it is a symbol of religious leaders (Sheriff) holy cities of Islam - Mecca and Medina."Sheriff" from the Arabic translation for "noble ruler."Also, this color indicates

the origin of the members of the royal family from the Prophet.By beliefs Moroccans, bloody color symbolizes courage and fearlessness.

Green pentagram in the center of the flag marks the relationship between God and the people.It is also called the Seal of Solomon.

Civil flag of Morocco as a whole looks the same as an official only in the upper left corner of the panel is decorated with a golden crown with a star on it.


modern appearance of the flag of the Kingdom of Morocco is fixed by law in 1915, 17 November.

earliest mention of the Moroccan flag in the history of the 11th century.Then the symbol of the state was a red flag in the center of which was inscribed a square of 64 black and white squares arranged in a checkerboard pattern.This banner hovered over the Kingdom until the end of the 13th century.

Thereafter, for several centuries up to the present day flag of Morocco is a clean cloth, blood-red.Already in the early 20th century on a dark red box appeared "Seal of Solomon".

State Emblem

modern royal coat of arms was approved in 1957, on 14 August.I decorated it as a decorative panel that the left and right support 2 powerful lion standing on its hind legs.The main color of the shield and the red, green in the middle of the pentagram is shown, over which the sun rises, illuminating rays stylized Atlas Mountains.The coat of arms is crowned by a crown, and below is the inscription in Arabic from the Koran: "If you help Allah, He will help you."

inhabitants of Morocco, flag and emblem of which are described above, hold sacred their characters, which are not only the state, but also religious symbols.