Video monitoring via the Internet

Modern technology is not standing still and is constantly evolving.More recently, the personal computer was a rarity.I remember my first computer, which had a hard drive size of 20 megabytes!Today RAM exceeds that amount 100 times.The only data carrier were then 5-inch floppy disk, a volume of about 1 MB.Today, this technique does not cause anything but a smile, but then it was worth a lot of money, I paid for this miracle called ES1840 more than two of their monthly salaries.
Modern computers have gone far ahead, they are used to watching movies, listening to music, playing games, and today the company is hard to find, no matter where the computer was used.

With the advent of the World Wide Web computer capabilities have increased many times, but think about it, whether you use your Internet to its fullest?After using it, you can not only download music, watch movies online, chat with friends on social networks.The Internet can be used to monitor your home, apartment or office.For your child in the yard, on the playground, in kindergarten or school.You can remotely monitor your elderly parents and to help at the right moment.

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a href = "" target = "_ blank" & gt; surveillance over the Internet gained widespread popularity with the advent of high-speed wireless technology via LTE (4G, Yota).Due 4G Internet repeatedly increased speed transmission and reception on-line flow.In addition, there are cloud services, such as Ivideon, which can not only view online records, but also save the file in the "cloud."Now, if the kidnapped and your camera and your video server, you will still be able to view recorded in a cloud archive.

surveillance - this is not the only part of your security, your eye is where you do not and then when you're away.The all-seeing eye of the man found thanks to new technologies and the Internet.

Surveillance cameras are installed everywhere today - in private apartments and houses, factories, shopping malls, offices and other public places.Video cameras installed in the streets of the city, allow you to organize the program "Safe City".Signals from all these cameras are flocking to a single surveillance center operators who need to quickly respond to various emergency situations and call the appropriate security services to address emerging problems.Videos archive help in solving crimes, search for violators of public order and traffic rules.

In Moscow on the program "Safe City" by the government, it was decided to allocate more than 190 billion. Rubles.It is expected that this program will significantly reduce crime in the city, the number of accidents, improve the detection of crimes, as well as to migration and economic control in the streets of the capital.Similar programs are now not only in Moscow, but in almost every city in Russia.At the same time it adopts the experience of Western countries, where such urban CCTV systems have long been used.

But returning to the subject indicated in the beginning of this article, I want to notice that video surveillance can be used not only by the government or the security services.Building a simple video surveillance system at home or in small offices now available to almost everyone.So everyone can enhance their safety, as well as their loved ones or your business.A video monitoring over the Internet allows you to watch your subject almost anywhere in the world.