Who are the parents of Putin?

Russian President Vladimir Putin today is one of the most recognizable politicians in the world, whose identity is of great interest to millions of people from different countries.However, publicly available information about his personal life and family are extremely poor, of course, except for the "sensational" stateek in the tabloids that have reasonable person can only call into question the adequacy of their authors.So who were the parents of President Putin and the role they played in the formation of his character and outlook on life?

Where did the ancestors of the current Russian president

As commonly understood, the Putin clan comes from the Tver region.Generally, of course, to find out who were the ancestors of the "normal" person nedvoryanskyh origin, especially in Russia, is extremely difficult.The fact is that if the representatives of the upper classes had their own fiefdoms and lived in the same place for centuries, the peasants often migrated across the country.In addition, many communities disappeared in a fire or destroyed by war.So, in the case of the current President of the Russian Federation everything was different.Putin's parents came from families who for centuries lived in the neighboring villages.In particular, the President's great-grandfathers paternal Pominovo Turginovskogo lived in the area and were hereditary peasants.This town exists today, but most of the year it is home to only 2 dozen people, but in the summer there is always a lot of tourists, who come mainly from St. Petersburg.By the way, in an interview with Vladimir Vladimirovich he told reporters that Pominovo preserved ancestral home, which his family used as a summer residence.

What is known about Putin's ancestors

According to the book, written by a cousin of the current president of the pedigree of his family, their ancestors first lived in the village Bordino.In the 18th century, one of the descendants of the genus Putin - the Semen Fedorovich - moved to Pominovo.As for his brothers and sisters, they settled throughout Russia during the plague epidemic, which began around 1771.

Santa Putin

Like many residents of the Tver province, many of the ancestors of the current president went to work in St. Petersburg.Much success in the northern capital has achieved his grandfather - Spiridon Ivanovich.He's still in his youth received a specialty chef and worked for many years at the famous restaurant "Astoria".This SI Putin is not lost due to the homeland, where in the late 1900s, built a new house.It was very prudent, because during the First World War, when in St. Petersburg has become very difficult to get food, Spiridon Ivanovich with his wife and four children returned to Pominovo.However, one thousand nine hundred eighteenth year, he has no family, he went to work in Moscow in narkomovskuyu dining room.

Putin Parents: Father Pope

incumbent president - Vladimir Spiridonovich - was born in 1911.At the age of about four years, he was brought from St. Petersburg to Pominovo, where he went to serve in the Navy as a submarine crews.After returning to his native village, he married, and then Putin's parents moved to St. Petersburg.We also know that their first child was a son, Albert (who died before the start of World War II), and in St. Petersburg they had another boy, named Victor.When the war began, his father Vladimir was taken to the front, where he took part in the heroic protection Nevsky Piglet and was seriously injured.

Parents Vladimir Putin's mother

ancestors of the current president's maternal - Shelomova.It sounded so maiden name of Maria Ivanovna - mother of Vladimir, who, like her husband, was born in 1911.Once in St. Petersburg, together with her husband and children on the eve of World War II, she went through the blockade, during which lost her son Victor, died of diphtheria.By the way, in spite of all sorts of "sensational" version appearing in the press as to what is the origin of Putin, acting president of the nationality of the parents can not be in doubt.They, of course, Russian.

family life after the Second World War

After the war, Maria Ivanovna and Vladimir Spiridonovich worked at the plant, and in 1952 they had a son - Vladimir.Putin's parents were simple and hospitable people.For many years, Vladimir Vladimirovich with his mother and father lived in a communal apartment in Leningrad in Baskov Lane.Moreover, there were no facilities other than the phone that was used by all the neighbors.It is also known that the father of the future President was very fond of the waltz "Amur Waves" and often made his son Vova play the accordion.However, the boy did not like to play music, preferring Sambo.This fascination with his son Parents Putin, whose photos can be seen below, is not approved, so the first coach of the future president even had to spend with them explanatory conversation.She came to fruition, and Maria Ivanovna and Vladimir Spiridonovich longer hindered son sports pursuits.

From the memories of childhood friends of Vladimir Putin

The school Vova was quite sociable boy.He was always surrounded by friends who enjoy visiting their home.In their memories, mother of the current president has been very active and business woman.She hated disorder and could cause his son to change the day three shirts.As for Putin's father, the son of his classmates were afraid, because it seemed to them a very strict man, who, however, never even raised his voice at her son.

childhood friends Vova also noted that they are often invited to visit the cottage of Putin, who was next to the station Tosno.For example, his school friend Victor Borisenko fondly recalls that when he and other neighborhood children came to a classmate, his mother treated them with all sorts of homemade goodies.

parents Life Putin after his arrival in the big politics

mother and father of the current president died in 1998 and 1999 gg., T. E., They have time to witness his son's career take off.However, Putin's parents were not trying, as it were said today, PR, and lived a quiet measured life.The only thing that recalled the doctors who treated Vladimir Spiridonovitch, is how long before his death he said: "My son - the king!" This exclamation of pride manifested a simple working man, brought up a famous politician who has reached the pinnacle of power.

Where are buried the parents of the current Russian president

As already mentioned, most of the life of Maria Ivanovna and Vladimir Spiridonovich lived in St. Petersburg.There is also the grave of the parents and Putin.Above it hoisted a simple cross on which is written "Lord, thy will be done", but on a pedestal engraved with the names of the father and mother of the President of the Russian Federation.As to the exact place where the parents are buried Putin, it Seraphimovskoe cemetery, which is considered to War Memorial, as there are in different years were buried soldiers killed in the First World War, and the inhabitants of Leningrad did not survive the inhuman conditions of the blockade.

Now you know where the parents Putin lived before he was born, what did you do and what is their cemetery grave.