What is the art of government?

Almost everyone depends on who and how to manage the country in which he lives.We used to blame all the troubles of the leaders.Only you know, how difficult statecraft?This is not a garden to dig and even factory direct.It is necessary to take into account many factors and forces.Let's take a closer look.

What will be discussed?

There is a famous work of the same name, written by Margaret Thatcher.In it, she examines in detail what statecraft.This volume work.In a small article can not fully convey its meaning and content.However, the primary notion is not so complicated.An ordinary person needs to understand how the state operates.It is also multifaceted.This "machine" wrong leaders rank only.The state - extensive system of various organs.Manage does not mean "to give orders and control."At times such methods, even with a small team can not cope.What to say about the whole country."The art of government - it is the policy", - said the former premersha UK.His thoughts she passed on to future generations.

What governance

With art, will likely clear to everyone.What does "control"?To decide, let's understand what is in the state for the leadership influences?In addition to the various bodies, services, there are still social groups and strata.People - that's the main part of the state.It is even written in the Constitution.State management - the process of regulation of relations in the system daunting.This refers to decisions that take into account a greater or lesser degree the interests and needs of all the "component parts."In addition, it is important to be able to foresee the consequences of realization of the program, to predict the response to them.

But this is not enough.Statecraft - is the ability to tailor the desires and possibilities.In every country there is a certain resource.On the other hand - all want to live happily and richly.The state's task - to create conditions for development.This is possible only when all resources are thought out for good.

What is the process

system of government can not be a linear, straightforward.In a democratic society is not allowed, because uncontrolled power easily turns into tyranny.To prevent such a turn, came up with a system of counterweights.That is, governments do not just interact, aiming for the same goal.They also monitor each other.It's defined in the current legislation.Each branch of government to function.Even create a system of bodies dealing with control.But government policy is that all this "colossus" directed towards the development of the country and society.It is necessary to understand how the parts of it, how they interact, what have the capacity.

Any activity is dynamic.This also applies to the state.It does not stand still, constantly changing.The process should be strict, even scrupulous, control and direct.


said that it is "the art of the permissible."The process is complex and demanding.Politicians make decisions affecting all sectors of society.This error can lead to tragedy.What are the results of activity of the company will result in twenty or fifty years old, responsible policy.Statecraft ultimately boils down to the ability to predict (calculate) the effects of certain laws, decisions and projects.I do not think that such abilities are born rulers.Not at all.This learning.There are science (not just one), studied the development of the state, its economy, politics, the impact on society and so on.Any manager based on historical trends and experience as the world and his country.

main goal of state policy

When people start to talk about this art, often lose sight of the basics.This, in principle, of course.In fact, management of the state - a very complicated thing.Only a life time to time reminds, what is the main objective of the policy of any country.

It can be stated briefly: "To survive and succeed."Especially clearly seen in times of crisis.And they are in the world with increasing frequency.Twenty-first century - a time when the life of peoples and nations depend on the art of their heads.Before all countries face the threat of financial, climatic nature.All affect the terrorist threat.The art of politics is that all these factors are used for the benefit of their country.After all, the world is not uniform.There a lot of ideas, possibilities.If not to implement the best and suitable in your country, it will develop.If you do not make a difference, "go with the flow," that will not survive.That is the ability to gather facts, analyze and apply them for the benefit of and is statecraft.