Propaganda - what's that?

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Here you often ponder comprehensively the information that enters the brain from all available sources?Ask: "Why?" So after all the information is the strongest weapon of our time!Think about how you come to a particular decision.For its decision the necessary facts that grow in the belief that, of course, everyone has.But do you have formed them, or tried to propaganda?This is an important question.The answer depends on it, in whose interests ultimately decided.It all starts with presenting information about the facts, executed in the right way.

And there is propaganda?

It just seems that every educated person now has an opportunity to understand virtually any topic.You can read articles, listen to the experts, unearth the source material.All this information to rethink, based on experience, and everything will be okay, we will understand!In this chain there is a mistake, even a few.It does not include ways of presenting the facts and the intentions of those involved with the case.After all, every person account of the events not only decorates their experiences, but also experiences.It occurs naturally.The first time you tasted something exotic.Durian, for example.But you got stale and a little lie down.What do you say to a friend?Durian - excellent stuff.If they did not try the fruit, then your loved one will believe a word.But will it be true?And what you think of relatives who rolled the opportunity to taste the fresh fruit?Question.


Propaganda - a suggestion, opinion or dissemination of ideas for a specific purpose.There is a term from the Latin word propagare.Use it in the conventional sense of the Vatican prelates began in the eighteenth century.They tried to instill the respect and trust of the people to the faith.Then, in the nineteenth-twentieth centuries, this information technology have adopted a revolutionary socialist and communist wing.Their impact on the population used agitation and propaganda.It was the kind of information "double whammy."Agitation was carried out to clarify his views, overpersuasion opponents.And for propaganda slogans used, short statement does not cause the population desire to analyze them critically comprehend.The idea, by the way, in great demand in our time.The terms of its use has grown to enormous proportions.

Political propaganda

What's most important for political parties and movements?That's right, the number of supporters.The more, the more influential political force.For the "recruitment" of followers and adherents of the Party of various kinds use a variety of methods.One of the key among them is political propaganda.It's a way to show to the best advantage its views and intentions.Prepare a message of political propaganda - it is quite time-consuming.To this end, a special study.You may have listened to the well-known satirical slogans criticizing the Soviet period?For example, "Pioneer - take care of the homeland, your mother!" That message is quite clear and patriotic sense.

Not sharpened like an ax felled.This is now not allowed.The political struggle in the modern world has become a hot, tense.Conducted the battle for the mind of every person.Therefore, the propaganda became thinner.Any message of the idea is considered from different angles.Examine how it relates to the dreams and beliefs of different strata and groups how to react to it representatives of various faiths, or cultural trends.Propaganda can affect both the small groups and the whole of humanity.

Where else used propaganda

In today's world is not only the politicians need to be faithful followers.They strongly outperformed large corporations and manufacturers.In their work they also use propaganda.To increase sales you need to impress potential buyers the idea that their product is the best (promising, environmentally friendly, and so on).Simple advertising is not enough.Competition in the market is high.That used by manufacturers of short ideas and statements included by frequent repetition directly to the subconscious.They do not cause rejection or criticism, perceived as a given, the natural course of things.Far beyond the examples do not have to walk.You can turn on the TV and listen to a few ads.Ideal propaganda - this is advertising.She honed, calibrated, easy and enjoyable.

there be not harmful to human promotion?

It all depends on the purpose of application of methods of disseminating information.If those who work with it, wants to manipulate people, it is best to avoid such a "source", as, for example, advertising.But this highly effective method may be used for other purposes.He's really in scoring can be called unbeatable.Just as long as not much willing to spend money on creating promotional materials known to be unprofitable.Such a source can serve public organizations, which is rare.Philanthropists have become extinct in the last century.Or they can sometimes become a state that cares about its citizens.An example is the legal propaganda.This method reports to the citizens by and large their legitimate rights and freedoms.